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A short story on how Truehost marketplace became a hub of website development services.

When we started out Truehost Cloud, we had no doubts in ourmind that we would never offer web design services. We had had 3 year of web design experience, within which we developed great website with utmost fulfilment but then there were a few project that dragged on for months taking aware any sense of fulfillment.

As soon as we started supporting developers and website owners on Truehost Cloud, we realized the very sector that we had vowed not to venture into, required our services and we were better positioned to fix someof the most common pains.

We thought of marketplace where a client would get freedom to choose from multiple developers, an escrow service where the client would pay in advance to give assurance of his or her commitment to the project, and a Project handling charter to facilitate collaboration between the developer and the client.

It wasn’t until 1 year later that the dream was actualized.

And Now:

Truehost Marketplace delivers several websites, content creation and graphics jobs daily to satisfied clients

Truehost marketplace remit multiple payments to developers on daily basis after project delivery

Several emails are sent through Truehost Marketplace as developers and clients collaborate.

More websites, more graphics, more blogs, more content are being delivered daily at Truehost Marketplace.

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