How to make money online by sharing links

How to make money online by sharing links

Imagine making money by just sharing links within your circle of influence. It’s simple and real at Truehost Kenya. Get paid for referring customers to Truehost

How to

  1. Sign up for an account at Truehost Kenya ( by just clicking the Sign up button.
  2. Fill in all the relevant data.
  3. The System sends a confirmation email requiring account confirmation.
  4. After Account confirmation login to your new account by clicking of Client Area link
  5. Click on Affiliates Program link to reveal the affiliates on top menu link.
  6. Click Activate Affiliate Program

The link looks like

One can request a withdrawal as soon as the threshold withdrawal amount is achieved.

Just share your affiliate link, visitors are tracked using cookies and any order that a visitor make up to 90 days after first visit from referral link or thereafter is credited to the affiliate account.

Affiliates reward percentage is currently set at 10%

Web hosting solutions in Kenya

Web hosting services is a basic need in today’s market. This is because of the following reasons

  1. Reaching the world’s wide market.

Every business and subsequently every individual want a share in the wide market also known as web presence. This makes web hosting a need that businesses cannot overlook.

  1. Web hosting solutions are cheap.

Compared to some years back, to access web services in Kenya was a reserve of the big and developed businesses because of the cost involved. Currently, web hosting solutions are like any other service you can receive in terms of cost and availability.

  1. No expertise required.

To receive web hosting solutions, you don’t require any skills to access them. The only skill you need is to identify a web hosting registrar for instance is offering the best web hosting solutions in Kenya. These web hosting solutions includes:

  • VPS(virtual private servers)
  • Dedicated servers
  • SSl certificates
  • Domains
  • Cheap web hosting
  • 24/7hrs customer support.
  • Web design
  • Unlimited email solutions

These web hosting solutions are all affordable to all business owners, individuals and large businesses as well.

direction-1293809_640Action point: Receive the best, cheap and quality web hosting solutions just where you are, you deserve it. Just log in to and enjoy unlimited online presence.

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap webhosting services are attractive to buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers end up buying from unscrupulous web hosting companies under the marque of cheap web hosting service. As a result cheap has been associated with poor quality over a long time.

Truehost Kenya is a top web hosting service provider offering cheap and quality webhosting services.

How to check quality in a cheap web hosting service

Quality of support

Support quality should not be overlooked; a service is as good as the support package that accompanies it. Make sure your top web hosting service provider guarantees quality support for the package of your choice.

Adequate disk space and bandwidth.

Adequate storage space for your files is important, inadequate space lead to slow site speeds, failure in services like data capture and mailing functions. Always ensure your web hosting package has free space that can store your mails and any other incoming data. Check out the 5GB Truehost Silver package as a good start point.

Bandwidth is the total allowed transfer in a month. A quality host package should have enough bandwidth; depletion of bandwidth renders the website inaccessible.

Total cost of ownership

A web hosting service should only be qualified as cheap if and only if it has the lowest total cost of ownership. Total cost of ownership refer to the total amounts that have to be incurred to have the web host service running for a given period may be 3-5 years.

Server speed and Response time

Server speed and server response time refer to the quality of a webserver. These directly affect the website speed of any website hosted on that server.

Always ensure the server speed is acceptable, hosting in an overloaded server results in poor site speed for your website.

Server response time can be tested by a ping to the server using cmd or web services like

Acceptable server  response time is 500ms and below. All servers at Truehost Kenya maintain a response time of less than 400ms.

Best and Top Web hosting Companies in Kenya.

5 key items to consider before settling on the best web hosting company

Adequate Space.

Ensure your web host provides quality and adequate space for storing your website files. Consider at least 4GB for hosting a simple website. Most top web hosting companies provides adequate space; the first package at Truehost Kenya is 5GB in the Truehost Silver Package.

Adequate Bandwidth.

Bandwidth unlike space is calculated monthly, bandwidth refer to the total data transfer allowed for your package within a month, a busy website with hundreds of visitors daily may not exceed 30000GB of bandwidth in a month. Truehost offers 50000GB of bandwidth on its smallest package.

Unlimited Subdomains

Subdomains allow hosting of several websites or sub sites on the same domain name. Web hosting companies providing unlimited subdomain options like Truehost Kenya understand that developers occasionally run a development and a production website on the same domain as well as hosting multiple sub sites on the domain.

Unlimited Email Address

Ensure the web hosting service provider of your choice offers freedom to create as many email address accounts as you would wish. Do not incur extra just to get an extra email account, Truehost Kenya Hosting Packages offer unlimited email address account provision.


Support is usually overlooked by some while shopping for a web hosting service. Some top domain name service providers do not offer support for their web hosting services, beware of these companies. One may end up spending such more to get a website fully running, settle for companies with a reputation for comprehensive support like Truehost Kenya.

Cheap Domain Name Registration in Kenya

Cheap is relative, it is mostly based on past experience and expectation by the subject. This article tries to identify genuinely cheap domain registration process. It identifies qualities that need to be considered before settling on an option, being the fairest offer (Cheapest domain name registration Service).
5 key items to consider while qualifying an option as cheap.
Renewal Price
Domain renewal price should always be considered before settling on an option as a cheap alternative. Some domain name registrar’s sets a low initial price and a highly uncompetitive renewal price. Registrar like Godaddy sets the initial price as little as 1$ then recoup the entire discount in the renewal fee which at time is set at $14. Always ensure the domain renewal price is equally cheap. You may settle for registrar charging same price for domain name and its renewal like Truehost Kenya.
Support is rarely considered as a key price indicators by first time domain buyers. Some domain registrars do not offer support on domain registration especially the Telecommunication companies selling domain names. A customer is forced to incur additional costs when support issues arise. Make sure to settle for an option that guarantees support. At Truehost every product or service gets 24/07 support.
Cost of Associated Services
Be keen to look for any associated costs, some domain name registrar charge for additional services like dns management and email forwarding, others like Truehost Kenya offer these option as free add-ons. Ensure your option doesn’t have additional hidden charges.
Total domain ownership cost
Total domain ownership costs refer to the sum total of domain price, renewal fees and any additional costs summed up for a period of at least 5 years. This is the ultimate indicator to qualify an option as a cheap domain name service. Try to subject all the top domain name registrars in Kenya to these tests and hopefully you will settle on Truehost Kenya as the best domain registration service provider company.

Best web hosting services in Kenya

Once you have carefully designed your website, the next step to take is to host it. For a website to be accessible to your online community (your clients, peers, etc.) it must be hosted. You can host it on your own or get assistance from a professional. Some hosting companies will help you achieving this while others will not; it all depends on the level of support offered by the web host.

Since you are reading this, it means you intend to host a website someday whether soon or later. If you are wondering how you can host it on your own, you can check out this step by step tutorial. For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate more on where to find the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Truehost Kenya.

Truehost offers their clients unlimited email addresses on every hosting plan they offer, they also guarantee 99.99% uptime of their servers, they boast of one of the best support team and cheap domain prices.

  1. Kenya web experts.

Kenya web experts are also known to offer one of the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Sasa Host.

Like the first two, sasahost are also known to be doing well in the industry.

Others include:

  • Peak and Dale solutions
  • Web host Kenya
  • Hostbora

Web hosting in Kenya

It has probably reached the point where even individuals need a website – not just businesses looking to go online! But getting a great website is not the “be all, end all”.

Since a website is but a collection of web pages (as you know them), the pages have to be placed in a place called a server through a process or service known as web hosting. Without which the website will be unreachable – meaning you miss out on the vital online presence that your business requires. This service is normally provided by companies known as web hosts who own or have leased a server to host their customers’ websites.

Truehost Kenya is the most reliable and price friendly web hosting company in Kenya  and they offer best value for money with their web hosting services – 99.99% uptime and 365/24/7 customer support are just a few of them! Because you need your website online at all times for the sake of your own customers’ satisfaction.

For prices as low as KES 999 you or your business can have your website hosted on their well-equipped servers. You can  choose from 3 different Truehost plans: The Silver package at an annual cost of KES 999/annum,  the Gold package @ KES 1999/annum and the Unlimited plan for KES 2499/annum.

Domain registration in Kenya.

Domain registration in Kenya.
A domain name is very important to any company since it commands online presence of a company.
To register a domain name in Kenya is very simple and every company requiring online presence can registers their domain names.
The initial stage is to come up with a domain name e.g.,,, etc. depending with the nature of your company.
After choosing your domain name, submit the domain name registration request to the registrar with the details like desired domain name contact name, email addresses and payment information. Once you have submitted this information the registrar will initiate the domain name registration process. This information is then sent to the registry which add the domain name to the master server and it notifies all other servers in the internet where your website is stored.
The charges of registering a domain in Kenya varies with different registrar and therefore there are some of the factors to consider when registering your domain and choosing the registrar
• Price
The price you pay for your domain can vary greatly between registrars. When comparing prices, take into account the other services included by the registrar, their customer support, testimonies, etc.
• Certification
Your chosen registrar should be ICANN accredited. ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain registrars. If the domain you have chosen is a reseller of an accredited registrar, they should let you know which registrar they represent.
• Terms
Take the time to read and understand your domain registration terms. Pay attention to ownership clause and other terms of condition.
• Time
Do not register your domain for more than one year in the beginning. That give you time to evaluation your registrar before further commitment, as well, allowing you time to evaluate your domain name in case you wish to use a different domain name.
• Delay
A domain name registration generally takes no more than 48 hours.
• Transfer Policy
You should be able to transfer your domain to another registrar without any restriction other than those enforced by ICANN. Check the registrar for other restrictions and curbs.
• Customer Support
Check if phone, chat or email support is available.
• Management
Does the registrar provide a domain name management panel for you to manage your own domain name? Or do all changes have to go through them?

Registering a .ke domain

Registering a .ke domain means the extension of you website will have .ke meaning this extension is only for businesses and companies in Kenya

In Kenya we have the following domain names available for registration specifically for organizations located in Kenya only.
• – for commercial Kenyan companies
• – for academic Kenyan institutions
• – for nonprofit making organizations in Kenya
• – for network entities in Kenya
• – for Government of Kenya entities

Here are a few simple steps on how you can register a .ke domain

  • Choose the preferred domain name and do a WHOIS search for the name to find out its availability
  • Login to enter the preferred domain name.
  • Pay for the domain name and get a 20% discount ,which means you’ll pay only kshs 900 only.
  • Enjoy your new domain name.

After registering the domain you can use it for various purposes for instance emails which bear the domain name which in return publicize the company or business.

Importance of having a .ke domain

You may have a domain name in another extension for instance dot .com. If you are transacting business in Kenya, it would be advisable to register your dot company’s name or brand name to prevent any other person or organization from registering it. This prevents another entity from masquerading.

Web hosting services

A web hosting services is an internet service that allows individuals, organizations to their websites, applications accessible through the World Wide Web.

This article explains the various hosting services and plans that are used in the web hosting ‘industry’. We’ll also look at the advantages of the each web hosting service and also limitations.

Web hosting services can be divided into the following services.

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated servers
  4. Cloud and
  5. Reseller

Shared hosting. This service is the commonly used service since it’s the most affordable and available. It’s mostly used for personal and business websites. In this web service, the users share servers resources with other users.

VPS(virtual private servers). As the name suggests this is a hosting service that it’s a private space which has a personal control. This web hosting service has a number of advantages including improved security and increased performance and also server control.

Cloud hosting. This service gives the user access to a cluster of servers from which you can quick access to resources when you need them. VPS and cloud are sometimes combined to form a hybrid called CLOUD VPS

Dedicated hosting. This gives access to a physical server which is not shared with anyone. This hosting is used to power heavy applications and advantage of dedicated hosting is that is gives strong security and maximum server control.

Reseller hosting. This is where you buy a bulk server space but someone else maintains the network. With reseller packages, you buy access to server space in bulk, and then resell it under your own brand.

Well, this information is very important to any web developer, organizations, and individuals who want to have an online presence and also join the other companies who are competing in the cloud. Truehost Kenya ( is a well-known company in Kenya that offers all this cloud services at a very affordable cost and irresistible quality.


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