How to get a domain in Kenya

How to get a domain domain is central to any business operating in Kenya. domain is not only a mark of brand Kenya but it is also emerging as a mark of quality and credibility.

Initiative by the stakeholders including KeNIC that simplified the process of getting a It’s now simpler to get a dot domain than it was a while back. There are more than 30 domain registrars whom clients can order and secure dot co dot ke domain from.

For the purposes of this report two domain registrars will be considered. At Truehost Kenya, getting a domain involves doing a domain search on the readily available domain search bar.

When the site returns positive result of domain availability, the customer is allowed to add to cart then check out via Mpesa or Paypal at a price not more than KES 900.

Domain registration is automated and therefore domain acquisition is instant.

At CloudPap, another domain registrar with target clientele in ( Nairobi) Kenya, (Kampala) Uganda, (Accra) Ghana, (Lagos) Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, (US) United States of America, Mexico, (Britain)UK, France, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore,  Australia,  New Zealand, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Argentina  and Brazil, domain registration is equally simplified.

After a successful domain search, clients are allowed to add their domain to cart; prices on CloudPap are in dollars by default. Checkout options include MPESA, Paypal and Cards. The price of at Cloudpap doesn’t exceed   $9.99. Domain registration and acquisition is automated and therefore instant upon making the payment to the domain name invoice


Securing Domain Name Extensions.

We are living in a world of competition. Everyone wants to outdo and outsmart the other. This therefore makes competitors look for any loophole to take advantage.

One of the ways corporates and businesses have not realized and haven’t taken enough precautions; is securing domain name extensions of your primary domain name.

For example, my primary domain is


Other domain extensions include,,,, etc.

Importance of doing this is

  1. No one will ever take advantage of your SEO
  2. You’ll protect your trademark

Business Name.

If you have a business and you have never registered your business name as a domain name, you need to do it as soon as possible. Failure to doing this is, you are likely to end your business in trouble in the hands of cyber squatters. These are people who searches for business names and register them as domain names. They end up selling back these domain names at exaggerated prices or you end in legal battles that will cost you a lot of money. Secure your domain name today.

A competitor may as well register your domain name and put up a website that poorly reflect the image of your business. This will negatively affect your sales and your reputation in the market.

With these measures in place, be sure to secure your business even for the future.

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya.

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). It is based on PHP and MYSQL. Over 75 million websites in the world uses WordPress.

WordPress come in 2 versions:

  1. com; this version is hosted in the cloud and can only be accessed using
  2. org; this version is available for download and can be hosted in web servers and personal computers.

At Truehost Kenya, we offer WordPress hosting. The WordPress hosting Truehost Kenya offers, helps you to be in control of your site or blog, customize it as you may desire, add plugins of your choices and add WordPress pages, and add posts anytime of the day.

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya has been made easier since you already find WordPress cms already in your hosting package, all you need to do is to install it in your root directory. Alternatively just download WordPress in your localhost, customize a theme and once you’re done, upload your site to the hosting account you have acquired from Truehost Kenya.

WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya is absolutely free, no additional cost after purchasing of a hosting package. The hosting account you purchase come packaged with WordPress and many CMS you may want to use.

To acquire WordPress Hosting at Truehost Kenya, you just need to order for a hosting package you desire and the can be sure that all Truehost Kenya hosting packages supports free WordPress hosting.

To acquire WordPress hosting at Truehost Kenya just check here

How to set up mail signature on webmail on Truehost Kenya

set up mail signature on webmail:

  • Login to your webmail account using the email address and password you created on Cpanel
  • Select the most preferred email application, horde/round cube/ squirrel mail

For Horde:

  • Go to settings, select preferences, select global preferences
  • On the right hand side, click edit preferences and select Mail
  • Under general, select Personal information
  • Select the email address whose signature you want to add as the identity you want to change
  • Under signature fill in desired signature message or image.
  • Click save


For Round cube:

  • Go to settings on top right hand corner
  • Select identities
  • Double click on email address you want to add the signature to
  • Under signature fill in desired message or image
  • Click save


For squirrel Mail:

  • Click on options
  • Select personal information
  • Under signatures fill in desired message
  • Click submit
  • Under signature options, select use signature
  • Click submit


Using My Account and My Site Even Though My Domain Name Has not propagated.

Until the domain name has propagated users can only access their hosting control panel and webmail by means of a temporary URL consisting of a server IP address and the port. This information is provided by the hosting company on domain registration.

Temporary URL is used when the domain is not working. The actual site URL is found in the email your hosting company sends. This is the format of the temporary URL that is used to access the cpanel

Social Media Optimization, SEO Services in Kenya.

This is the perfect marriage between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. With the current trend of online marketing, any business cannot ignore this trend. Every business is struggling to get online visibility and publicizing its products and services across the globe. This is the whole idea of social media optimization.

Social media optimization if well used can be of great benefit to a business. It improves the website’s organic search results. This is achieved by connecting people from different platforms and leading them to a common place which is basically your website. This will in return bring traffic to your website. Social media optimization ensures all your platforms are consistent and coherent and they all lead a potential customer to the main website where they can more information.

Social media optimization elements includes the following

  • Rss feeds
  • Blogging
  • Video marketing
  • Social media sites e.g. Facebook, twitter etc.

Finally, the bottom-line of social media optimization is to generate attracting content that can lead people to your website.

At we are specialists in search engine optimization, social media optimization, web design, web hosting, domain registration and a lot of web services all this at very affordable prices.

More Hosting Space for Less Cash in Kenya

It’s amazing how truehost Kenya has made web hosting in Kenya easy and cheap. As all of us can bear witness to us, all of us are looking for more disk space to either store company’s data or your personal data.

With the current trend of cloud computing where everyone want to store their information in a virtual space, this trend comes with advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is security which is a major concern to everyone.

However, with those threats surrounding cloud data, there are numerous advantages that comes with cloud data. Accessibility is one of them. Data is accessed from any place as long there is internet connection.

With all this considerations truehost Kenya, assures you that your cloud data is more that secure and secondly, we have increased this space with 100% for our hosting packages without any extra cost.

Silver package was 5GB now it’s 10GB @kshs 999/year

Gold package was 10GB now it’s 20GB @kshs 1999/year

This has made web hosting more cheap and quality at truehost Kenya. Make an order now and enjoy your web presence now.

How to transfer a Domain name in Kenya

Well, you are ever calling, emailing, texting your domain hosting company but you end up frustrated; no replies and no support given at all. Often time than not you have desired to transfer your domain services to a company that is concerned about you, time to smile. This is a simple way to do it.

To transfer domain,

1)     Request your former Domain registrar for EPP CODE. This is an approval code usually a 6- to 16-character code given by the registrar. The codes confirm that only a domain owner can make domain name transfers.

2)    The former registrar will send you the EPP Code then forward to us the code.

3)    Then make an order on by clicking ‘make order’ at the top of the page.

4)    Select the hosting package you need for the transferred domain.

5)    Click order now.

6)    Select second option transfer domain name to truehost.

7)    Then make payments and transfer will be effected.

8)    Enjoy being online and 24/7 support.

How to order new items form the truehost client area.

  1. Login to the client area using your registered email and password.
  2. Click the services tab and click order new services.
  3. A list of categories on the left hand side sidebar will appear ie.
  • Webhosting
  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual private servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Custom Development Application.
  • Product Addons.
  1. After choosing the service you want to add,click order now .
  2. The process is that simple.

How to login to truehost client area

  1. Click Login Button on the Menu or Enter this URL on your browser’s address bar 
  2. On the top right ,click the Login Tab and a form drops down.
  3. If you already have an account with truehost,fill in the email and password and login.
  4. If you don’t have an account with truehost,signup in the click here to signup link.
  5. You’re good to go now.
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