Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

Domain Name Renew/Auto Renew

This is an option in domain name system that allow renewal of domain name automatically provided your Truehost Kenya account has sufficient funds. Consider setting Domain Name Auto renew option on to avoid disruption of service.

This is also supported on other related services including on Truehost Cloud, Cloudpap and Jisort

Domain Name DNS Management

Domain Name DNS Management

Domain Name DNS Management refer to other DNS tools that are available for manipulation by users. These are usually the advanced DNS options that are recommended for advanced users. Some of these tools include;

CNAME – ability to add a CNAME to a domain name (CNAME –it’s a short name for Canonical domain name. It’s usually referred to an alias of a domain name. It’s mostly used to map a subdomain like mail, mx, www to the domain hosting the content of that subdomain)

A record – ability to add A record to a domain name (A record – refer to the IP address of the hosting server)

MX record – ability to add or change MX record of a particular domain name. (MX record – refer to address (take the format of a domain name or subdomain)(of the email management server for that particular domain. Important when the email server is different from the web hosting server for a particular domain name.

TXT record – usually not available from client area. TXT record refer to text information provided by your domain name system for parties outside your domain name, TXT record usually stores hostname/zone and therefore it allow storage of additional information. The two major application of TXT record is domain name ownership verification and email security – prevent spamming.

Under email security  TXT record stores SPF (sender policy Framework) data that prevents anyone sending email and making it appear to have been sent from your domain. Using TXT record you can specify the only IPs that an email on your domain may be sent from, Concept was popularized by Google and Microsoft  other proponents include WIX, Cloudflare, Squarespace, Godaddy, WordPress, Benchmarkemail  among others.

Domain Name Nameservers

Domain Name Nameservers  Add

Nameservers refer to the hosting server address. Nameservers are basically subdomains within a domain that point the parent domain to the IP address of the hosting server. Examples of Nameservers include: and

Every domain name has to have Nameservers – usually domain name registrar provides default domain name Nameservers. Therefore all domain name extension support addition or change of Nameservers. Kindly request your new host for the domain name Nameservers as they may vary from one server to another.

A locked domain name cannot allow change of domain name Nameservers.

Domain Name EPP code

Domain Name EPP code

Domain Name EPP code refer to an authorization code that is require for transfer of domain from one domain registrar to another. Truehost Client Area allow generation of EPP code for almost all domain name extensions. EPP code is required the new domain name registrar that you will be transferring your domain name to. A locked domain name does not allow generation of EPP code.

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy

Domain Name Privacy option allow masking of WHO IS information on a particular Domain Name. WHO IS record refer to a summary of domain name ownership information, domain name hosted server, Domain name technical and administrative contacts, domain name registration and renewal date, domain name registrar information.

Domain name privacy substitute real record by records of a domain name privacy company. Unfortunately only a few domain name extensions or TLD support this option. Currently Kenya country code level – .KE TLD doesn’t support domain name privacy option.

Check if your domain name has the domain name privacy addon in the Truehost Kenya client area – domain name privacy can be free or at a fee.

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

Domain Name Locking/ Domain Name protection

This refers to the option that allows a client to lock the domain name from editing of any of DNS information and transfer (change of domain name registrar).

Domain Name Locking is supported universally by all registries and therefore any domain name allows locking or protection from client area.

Check for lock domain name option in the client area. Could be Domain Name Lock Enabled or Disabled

Domain Management Tools Supported at Truehost Kenya

Domain Management Tools Supported at Truehost Kenya

At Truehost Kenya Client Area provides Domain Name Service Management (DNS )Tools that allow a client to change a few options about the domain Name. Domain Name Service management option vary from one TLD to another depending on type of TLD and options supported by the particular domain registry API – organization accredited to manage particular TLD under ICANN. Some of the options that a client can change from client area portal include:

  1. Domain name locking
  2. Domain name privacy
  3. Domain Name EPP
  4. Domain Name Nameserver edit
  5. Domain name service advance tools

Domain name registration services in Kenya

Domain name registration services in Kenya

Domain registration services in Kenya are provided by web hosting and telecommunication companies in Kenya. Kenya country Level code is .KE available on the following extension. – for corporate domains – for government agency domains – domain name for network devices or agencies. – for personal blogs domain name – domain name extension for organization – domain name extension for kenyan based colleges and institutions of higher education –domain name extension for secondary and primary schools.

Domains name registration services is provided by organization accredited as .KE resellers. The organization responsible for accreditation is called KENIC, an institution under Communication Authority (CA).


Most of these accredited organizations are web hosting services. These web hosting services provides website hosting services, email hosting services, domain name registration, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), bulk sms, sale and installation of SSL certificates, web design and web development, cloud servers and server management services.

Some of the main players in this market include:

Truehost Kenya

Kenya Web Experts


Webhost Kenya


EAC Directory

Deep Africa




Among others



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Truehost Kenya has revised .KE domain name prices to the interest of clients.

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