Private Email Server in Kenya

private email server

private email server

What do you need from your email provider?

  • Security for your emails
  • Reliability – 100% server uptime
  • Zero Spams
  • No Email Bounching


Can achieve all this with your own unmanaged private email server

Manage your emails


Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

webservers in kenya

Web servers in Kenya

We feature a special VPS for a upcoming Web hosting company.

Openstack powered 4 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 100GB SSD storage is superior cloud server available from Germany, France and Canada Locations. The server can comfortably support 200 simple database driven websites. – Cloudpap 5

How to set up the cloud server to be a web hosting server.

Install Centos 7 OS

Install WHM/Cpanel

Install Softaculous

Configure the Mod security and tweak settings for maximum security.

Configure Easy Apache 4 for favorable configurations

Install and configure CSF Firewall – allow ports that your application will use but by default the firewall allows the common ports like SSH 22, 25 for SMTP, 53 for DNS, e.t.c

Set up custom nameservers and hostname if necessary.


Total monthly expenses $65.49

Install a billing system – can be freely provided at Truehost or Cloudpap or Hostgator




  • 4 Core Processor
  • 1 GHz Speed
  • 8 GB RAM RAM
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • Local RAID 10
  • Openstack KVM
  • Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Allow upto 15 extra IP Address
  • Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
  • RESTful API
  • 97% SLA




Data Centers in Kenya

Data Centers in Kenya

East Africa Data Center

Liquid Telecom owned data center, a neutral carrier Tier III, highly rated and acreditted by IDCA

Its far the best data center in the country with large global Tech companies and banks as their clients.

Offers Rack space and power option in the three floors of the four floor secure building along Mombasa road. Capacity is around 450 -500 racks.


data center

data center

Safaricom Thika

Recently completed data center run and operated by Safaricom. It did not have the Neutral Carrier status as at the time of writing this article though it’s something Safaricom was pursuing.

Located in the industrial town of Thika and served by fiber cable to Thika.

The data center best suited for large corporate and ISP companies.

Safaricom Kisumu

A data center located in the Western part of Kenya run and operated by Safaricom

Host Safaricom data and a few large corporate entities.

is a Kenyan tech startup building state-of-the-art carrier neutral data centers across East and Central Africa.
Mombasa One (MBA1) data center is‘s first facility and the first carrier neutral data center in Kenya. The data center is a 226 racks facility that opened its doors for business in August 2017.
Nairobi One (NBO1) data center, icolo’io’s second data center is also a 226 racks facility schedule to open for operations by November 2018.

CloudPap Data Center (Ryanada Limited)

Artist impression of Cloudpap Data Center under construction in Nairobi.

Carrier Neutral Facility designed with a capacity of 300 Racks designed in Tier III standards. Designed to serve cloud companies through colocation services, cloud and dedicated server provision. Completion will introduce great service offering to clients in Kenya and Internationally.

Data Centers in Kenya

Data Centers in Kenya

Automated Web hosting Backup

Automated Web hosting Backup

cloud backup solution

cloud backup solution

Backup in web hosting is one of the most important service. Any serious web hosting service provider provide multiple web hosting back up option. At Truehost Cloud we found the need for redundant back up options after a series of misfortunes. Some of typical misfortunes include:

A client calls requesting rollback of changes that they have just effected on their websites – with no backup/ restore option, this would be hard to serve.

A client raise a support ticket requesting support after their website or data has been intruded and corrupted – how do you restore the data to a healthy point without a backup and restore option.

A web server just went down – a critical service like MYSQL , which takes longer than expected to fix – how do you move your customers to a another live server in absence of a backup restore solution.

Automated backup are usually scheduled and ran at offpeak hours to avoid server overload

Choose a web hosting company with automated backup options – ask for the backup restore provision

Some application for used by web hosting and cloud companies to perform backup include:


Jet Backup



Among others

Cloud providers in Kenya

Cloud providers in Kenya

data center

data center

Cloud providers in Kenya comprises of company offering services and resources on, for ,with cloud platforms. They include

IaaS providers

Paas Providers

SaaS Providers

IaaS Providers

Refer to companies in Kenya that provide computing infrastructure as a service. This include data center operators, network operators, Bare metal offering companies – servers and virtual servers providers. Some of them include:


Kenya based Cloud Company providing servers  and colocation  in 4 locations in Africa. (Four locations in Africa – Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo and Lagos), Two locations in Europe in France and Germany.Two locations in North America – Montreal , Canada. Phoenix , Arizona , USA.

One location in South America – Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One location in Asia – Bangalore, India.

Cloud servers and dedicated servers offered at Cloudpap range from single core to 16 core servers.

Cloudpap has one of the best cloud, IaaS services. Read more


A company owned by SEACOM , the marine cable company .

Pamoja Cloud provides cloud servers to small and medium businesses in Afric, with clientele in East and Southern Africa .Read More

Liquid Telecom

Pan African company from South Africa that serves several market in Kenya and runs a Marine Fiber cable between Africa, Europe and Asia.It runs a data center in Kenya – one of the best data centers in Kenya, East Africa Data Center. Read More


South Africa Telecommunication company serving many countries in Africa. It provides data center services in Kenya from their recently opened data center in Nairobi. Read the News


Kenya Telecommunication giant with data centers in Kenya. Provides internet connectivity to data centers and rack spaces in their data centers as far as IaaS services.  Find out more


Kenya based startup that has perfected service of offering cloud servers and Virtual Machines based in Kenya data center. Find out more

Read more about data centers in Kenya in the following directory


Truehost Cloud

Kenya Web Experts










Cloud hosting services in Kenya

Cloud hosting services in Kenya

Cloud hosting the new terminology in town that everyone pretends to understand better those others. But what exactly is cloud hosting anyway.

Digital Ocean one of the leaders in cloud hosting describes Cloud hosting as a new Flexible approach or method of configuring servers to ensure most affordable, scalable and reliable web infrastructure.

cloud hosting

cloud hosting

Qualities of cloud hosting

Flexible – can vary different type of resources depending on demand and application – Customizable

A cloud hosting platform allow configuration of computing resources to the interest of client, a client may opt for 2GB RAM , 1 Core Processor and 20GB Storage as per the demand of the application. It also allows reconfiguration of the resources in upgrade or downgrades any other later date.

Affordable – pay for what you use

Cloud hosting has flexible billing, services are billed per month or even hour and therefore customers pay for what they consume.

Scalable – can add resources on demand

Cloud hosting platforms allow upgrades and downgrade of resources anytime, seamlessly without any form of disruption of service.


Reliable – Redundant network and storage

To ensure reliability, cloud hosting is ran on a network of redundant servers to ensure highest uptime possible to the hosted applications.

Storage in cloud hosting is also redundantly managed through a series of backup and network storage resources; this ensures there are no risks of data loss.

cloud servers

cloud servers

Resources offered and billed separately include:

Compute – processing resources

Storage – Refer to the disk space resources.

Network – networking resources

Loan balancers – for balancing processing load.

Monitoring – monitoring resources.




DNS and WHO.IS –how it works and how the internet works for a website to appear on a browser.

DNS and WHO.IS –how it works and how the internet works for a website to appear on a browser.


WHOIS record refers a set information about registrants of the domains that include contacts, full names or biodata, in three sets of Administrative contacts, Technical Contacts, Registrant Contact, the data is maintain within domain registry operator database but it is the responsibility of domain registrar to ensure the whois data is correct as per ICANN guidelines.

DNS – Domain Name System is a centralized system that match the name – the domain name to the ip addresss of the server it is connected to.

Root Server

root server

root server

This is the first server that a servers recursive resolver . Root servers are usually operated by Registry operators for top level domains such as VeriSign. There are 13 root servers in the internet. VeriSign run two root servers out of the 13 root servers out there. VeriSign operates A Root and J root.

Root servers are the first server to give results in a DNS query.

There is a huge network of servers supporting the root server system strategically located across the globe to ensure that a request is served by the nearest server.. Verisign manages more that 143 Million domains and handles more than143 billion queries daily.

root servers

root servers

TLD Name Server

tld server

tld server

Top Level domain is( .com) while TLD while second level domain is ( Each Top Level Domain DNS stores information on address of Second level domains. There a TLD server answer a query with the DNS IP address of the   domain.

The Domain Name Server.

Once a TLD Server returns the IP address of the DNS server. The DNS server usually is the custodian of the ip address of the particular domains. The Address is inform of an IPv4 (there are upto 4.3 billion IPv4)  and it is transiting  to IPv6 that has capacity of 10^36  ip address


The Website is now visible on a browser,  After the recursive resolver has obtain the website or domain name   IP address, it feeds it to the browser which in returns send s request to retrieve content from the hosting server.

This takes a fraction of a second to complete.

Domain registration made simpler

Domain registration made simpler

Domain Registration Image

Domain Registration Image

Domain reservation or registration process starts with the end customer or registrant making an order to a registrar or reseller of a registrar, who checks with the registry operator if that domain name is available.

If it’s available, a WHOIS record with the registrant information  is created at the registry operator database.

Source: ICANN

Registrant – customer end user – owner of WHOIS information registered under the domain or essentially the domain owner.

Registrars – ICANN accredited organizations that process the registration of domain name as submitted by end user customer (registrants), or by registrar’s resellers. There are like 1000 registered and accredited registrars.

Registry operators – an organization charged with responsibility of keeping an authoritative master database registry of all domain names registered for each top level domain, such organizations include VeriSign for .com,.net,.cc, .tv  Aruba cloud for .cloud among others

ICANN – non profit organization charged with domain name system management globally. Ideally control anything about domain name including accrediting domain registrars, resolving domain name disputes, play major role in selection of registry operators, among others.

Resellers- usually register domain name on behalf of registrants at the registrar’s system but usually have no contractual agreement with ICANN.

Most webhosting companies in Kenya are resellers for Top Level Domain –that they lack a contractual agreement with ICANN. However, most of  these we web hosting  and domain registration companies are KENIC  accredited registrar to register .KE Domain Name

Reliable web hosting in Kenya.

Reliable web hosting in Kenya.

Reliable = the following qualities in a Web Hosting Company

Excellent Server Uptime.

Truehost Datacenter

Truehost Datacenter

Every website deserves 100% uptime from the web hosting services provider. The minimum that a website owner should put up with is 99.5%.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most important Google ranking are affected by website uptime. Sites that are rarely online receive a bad score from Google and other search engines and therefore poor SEO ratings.

Excellent Customer Support

Truehost Support

Occasionally support is needed even by the most seasoned developers and service users require support services may be to

  • Change upload limit from a default 128MB to 1000MB
  • Enable MBSTRING module on the PHP
  • Temporary allow SSH access to your shared account among others.

Server and Hosting Security

Web security is one of the most important quality of a a reliable web hosting company not only in Kenya but in any country or market. Big names like Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost are one of the most secure hosting companies.

At Truehost Kenya, Truehost Nigeria, Cloudpap and Truehost Cloud we are always innovating to be a step ahead in terms of security. We had issues in the past but we have overcome.

Transparency in Service Pricing

Your host should be in position to guarantee prices and cost of service ownership at least for two year period.

Any host hiking prices anyhow without warning should be shunned not unless they are extremely good.

Always consider domain and hosting renewal price as you order a service. May it web hosting service or a VPS or a dedicated server since web hosting companies and Server and Cloud hosting companies are notorious at offering starting discounts. – don’t be easily fooled.

Cheapest Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in Kenya

Cheapest Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in Kenya

Virtual Private servers or Cloud Servers in Kenya i.e. by Kenyan Companies in Kenyan Datacenter or in International data center will be explored in this article.

We start on Cheapest VPS in Kenya in a Kenyan IDCA certified data center by cloud services provider in kenya; the author choice is

Cloudpap KL1

  • 1 Core Processor
  • 512MB RAM RAM
  • 10GB HDD Disk
  • Unlimited Local Transfer
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Linux OS
  • Kenya Data Center
  • Available at $7.99 or KES 800 a month
  • 97% Uptime
  • Set up time – under 2 hours

$7.99 / KES 800/= isnt bad for this small virtual machine.

VPS in Kenya

cheap VPS in Kenya

Disk Space is upgradeable to large disk so no worries for your small growing application.Elsewhere an equivalent VPS may go for $3 so by that sense Cloudpap KL1 isnt a bargain, but by the prices for other VPS and cloud servers in Africa this is a real bargain.

Cheapest Cloud server in Kenya as available from any data center by cloud providers in kenya – author’s choice is

Cloudpap 1

  • 1 Core Processor
  • 4 GHz Speed
  • 10GB SSD Disk
  • Local RAID 10
  • Openstack KVM
  • Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Allow upto 15 extra IP Address
  • Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
  • RESTful API
  • 97% SLA
  • Data center location – Canada, USA, Germany, France.
  • $7.99

This is a bargain – see the 2GB RAM, Openstack powered and SSD Disk and 100Mbps Link in one of the best data centers in the world.

cloud servers in Kenya

Set up time is 30 minutes or less.- how about that..?

Get one today just to have a feel of real computing power.

Consider this as the cheapest Cloud server in the World for its qualities. Kindly note the 24/07 support that comes with servers at Any young developer needs this, it gets crazy at times and therefore 24/07 technical support counts a lot.










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