Website builder in Truehost

Website builders in Truehost hosting packages

Website builder s are one of the features available for clients who have a hosting account at Truehost. Free versions of such website builders are also referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS). Novice users who are not familiar with web design languages such PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript may find it difficult to move their businesses online. They may also feel that the cost of having a professional design a website for them is too high especially for start-ups. But this must not prevent you from launching your business into cyberspace. Let us have a look at the website builders available in our packages.

Truehost Website builder

When you acquire any of the shared hosting packages at Truehost, you get to have access to our own website builder application. This is a beautiful, easy-to-use application that allows users to construct their websites from nothing very quickly. The website builder is a drag-and-drop application with over 300 templates that allows you to quickly create your ideal website. The templates are themed differently so that users to create different types of websites – ranging from simple blogs to corporate level websites and even e-commerce websites. The Truehost Website builder goes for only sh5000 – a one time payment. Its advantages include better security and an inbuilt assistant that shares tips on how you can amake use of the product.


Perhaps the most popular website builder, WordPress CMS comes free of charge with any of our hosting packages. With WordPress, you access thousands of themes – free and premium – that you can use to quickly build a beautiful website. On top of that, WordPress has thousands of plug-ins available to help in creating specific modules for your site e.g contact form for you site. This website builder also has an advantage in that, it is the most popular content management system thus has a huge online community that helps with solutions to challenges you may face. The main disadvantage of WordPress is that, it appears to be less secure. Due to its popularity, spammers and hackers tend to create attacks directed to WordPress websites e.g spamming scripts. To stay safe in this regard though, have a look at our guidelines on website hacking.

Other similar website builders

Similar website builders to WordPress include Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Moodle and Prestashop. The best part of it all is that all these scripts/CMS come free and easy to install on your cpanel via Softaculous App Installer. Softaculous allows you to make these installs by simply clicking on the appropriate icons and filling in your installation details.

Bottom line is, you don’t have to be a web programmer to have a site. Embrace the website builders and manage your site as you want. We have made it easy for you by placing everything right before you in Cpanel.

Best Domain Registrar in Kenya

Domain Registration in Kenya

Best Domain Registrar in Kenya

Best Domain Registrar in Kenya based on stable domain registration and renew fees is Truehost Kenya.Provides best domain name Search and WHOis services for new and old Domain Name customers. Supports domain name extensions from all major domain Name registries in the world incluing:




Aruba Cloud

Among Others

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya are provided by Truehost Kenya. The best SSL certificates can only be gauged in terms of the buyer experience and cost of the SSL certificate. This is because all SSL Vendors sell the same SSL Certificates from same Certificate Authorities(CA). Truehost Kenya provides the best shopping experience for SSL in Kenya at the best prices among all SSL Vendors. CAs supported on Truehost Kenya Includes:

  • Comodo
  • Verisign
  • Synamatec
  • Godaddy
  • GeoTrust
  • Global Sign


With SSL certificate, log ins made on your pages are secure. The web browser will transmit the information securely to the server and the server back to the web browser. Thus, any computer in between eavesdropping will not get access to the information being transmitted as it will be encrypted.

Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya   


Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya    

Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya is Truehost Cloud Kenya. A Web Hosting Company in Kenya specializing in provision of fast, secure, reliable, high performance web hosting environment from  webhosting data centers in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, France, Germany, Canada and US. This Webhosting Company does not only stand out among Kenyan Web hosting companies, but Truehost Cloud Kenya have been ranked high among International Web Hosting Giants like

  • AWS,
  • Godaddy,
  • Hostgator,
  • and other major players in Web hosting domain.

Without forgetting superb support provided by web hosting support engineer at Truehost

Cloudpap File Backup System

Cloudpap File Backup System

Cloud Options

Cloudpap File Backup System you can back-up your data in the Cloud to Google DriveMicrosoft OneDriveDropboxBOXAmazon S3Microsoft Azure, Hubic, Hidrive and more than 37 Amazon S3 compatible cloud destinations and Cloudpap Servers. This way you benefit from the most powerful infrastructures for protecting online data, while using the backup program you’re used to.


Smart System

Cloudpap File Backup System employs a unique system that decides automatically what backup type to use in order to save the most file versions (within the same allotted storage space) on your destination and improve the backup speed. Using the smart backup option you optimize the backup process and reduce decision time as you don’t have to compare various backup types to choose what’s more suitable.

Backup and Restore Wizards

Cloudpap File Backup System was designed to be an easy-to-use backup program. It offers helpful wizards for backing up and restoring. The backup wizard lets you create a new backup job by selecting WhereWhatHow and When to backup. Restore is even easier; it takes just one click to restore data


Highly Configurable

Cloudpap File Backup System offers four backup types to choose from: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup.  By default it uses a smart backup option to automatically choose which backup type to execute for optimizing backup speed and keep the most file versions possible without exceeding the allotted storage space.


SFTP Backup Software

Cloudpap File Backup System can back up to SFTP, a destination combining the security of remotely stored backups, with secure file transfer protocol. Your important data is transferred to the SFTP backup server using a secure network connection, to avoid the risk of data interception.

Email Notifications

You can configure Cloudpap File Backup System to send custom emails after a backup finished, with success, error and warning notifications. Additional options allow you to attach the backup log file and send the email to several addresses.

Mirror with Zip

The Mirror backup type creates by default an exact copy of files and folders selected as sources. This backup software gives you the option to compress files individually using standard ZIP compression. Furthermore, AES encryption can be used so that each file is encrypted and protected (the file/folder names are obfuscated in the zip archive).

Block-level Backup

Block-level backup speeds up the backup process of large files as it only back-up the modified blocks of data instead of the entire file. As an example, if you have a backup job for a large Outlook profile, whenever you receive a new email Cloudpap File Backup System knows to back-up only the bits of data that modified rather than the whole PST.

Version Tracking

Cloudpap File Backup System is backup software that offers a unique mode to track file versions. You can selectively restore any previous version of a file directly from the main window.

Standard Zip Compression

Cloudpap File Backup System creates standard zip files. This format is compatible with any zip utility currently available on the market. Unlike other backup programs, for zip files greater than 2 GB, Cloudpap File Backup System uses ZIP64 technology. This allows unlimited zip file size and also lets you encrypt your data using AES encryption (256-bits).

Backup open files

This Cloudpap file backup system uses the Volume Shadow Copy service. It allows you to back up open files (local) from NTFS partitions in Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008 Server and Windows 7/8/10


FTP Backup Software

You can keep an online backup of your data to a remote location using FTP connection (with SSL, active/passive transfer modes, and firewall support).


Cloudpap File Backup System shows messages when certain actions occur (i.e. when finishing a backup). These notifications can be shown in a pop-up window or be silently saved in the Messages panel.

Automatic backups

Using Cloudpap File Backup System’s built-in scheduler you can define backup jobs that back up automatically your important files at specific dates. You can also set extra actions to perform before and/or after the backup execution.

Ransomware protection

WannaCry Ransomware is one of the most aggressive crypto-viruses as it will encrypt your data and you will not be able to access it unless a ransom is paid. Cloudpap File Backup System protects your data against WannaCry Ransomware (WannaCrypt) by backing it up online to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or other popular remote destinations. Thus, even if your data gets encrypted by WannaCry or other ransomware viruses, you’ll still have uninfected copies stored online.

Settings security

Cloudpap File Backup System offers an option to lock its interface so that when it starts you will need to provide a password in order to unlock it and be able to make changes to its settings.

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