.co.ke domain registration


.co.ke domain registration

Are you running a business in Kenya? Are you looking to have your business online? .co.ke domain registration is on the rise in Kenya. Nothing says ‘Kenya’ more clearly than having a .ke domain. It gives your business a Kenyan taste and is the ideal domain extension to have for a Kenyan based business or organisation. It is the most popular domain extension registered in Kenya.

Why use a .co.ke domain?

Compared to the .com domain, a .co.ke domain tells everyone that your business is Kenyan based. This means, everyone knows what currency you will use to transact, what language you communicate in and tells more about your business than any other domain extension. It also gives a client more confidence to transact with your business via the website knowing it is local compared to if it was an international domain. International domains are used by anyone world wide eg those with .com, .org, .net. .co.ke domain proves to your clients that your business is in Kenya and that inspires confidence to transact.

What requirements are there to register this domain?

There are no requirements for .co.ke domain registration. It is the simplest hence most popular domain to register in Kenya. It is not designated for specific institutions or organisations unlike other domains extensions (e.g. ac.ke, .sc.ke and .go.ke. See our article on .ke domain registration requirements). You can register it for your business, organisation, individual and even for schools and churches. Also, no documents are needed for .co.ke domain registration – not even an ID card. You just register the domain you desire!

What about pricing?

Like all other domains, a .co.ke domain has two prices. Registration price and renewal price. Domains are not a lifetime possession. You need to renew your domain(s) annually so as to keep it. Otherwise, they will be de-registered and made available for registration by others. Now, at Truehost, a .co.ke domain registration goes for only sh570. This will allow you to own the domain for a whole year. After that, you will renew it for sh1000 per year. If you choose to renew it for more years, we offer a discount depending on the number of years you are making payment for. A bit of research reveals that we offer the best domain prices in Kenya. Our renewal prices are a constant 1000 for all non-special domains – a deal matched by no other domain registrar. You can see our full pricing list by clicking here.

What if my domain is registered with another extension, such as .com?

If your domain is registered using another extension and you wish to use a .co.ke domain, we have a solution for you. Domains once registered cannot be edited. So if you have, example.com, we can’t change that to example.co.ke. What we can do is register the .co.ke domain equivalent of your .com domain name such that, you will own both domains. We can then move your website from the .com to the .co.ke domain so that the same website content you designed can be accessed via example.co.ke. The best part is that, you can own both domains and make a redirection such that, when someone accesses example.com, they are redirected to example.co.ke so that your visitors will still be able to access your website even when you move to .co.ke. No loss there!

But why should I register more than one domain?

There are two reasons why you may consider .co.ke domain registration and perhaps even register more domains. First, you can do this so that to avoid abuse of your business brand. Imagine a situation where you have developed your business brand online with a domain, say, example.com. Then, a malicious individual comes by and registers example.co.ke and creates a fake site and pretends to be you. Such people can do a lot of harm on your brand name as they can use your popularity to con others or do other illegal things with a domain name that looks like yours. They steal your brand, damage it’s reputation and abandon it. It is best practice to purchase as many domains that are similar to yours as possible.

Secondly, some of your website visitors may innocently confuse your domain name. For instance, a visitor may assume that your domain is called example.co.ke instead of example.com maybe because you operate within Kenya. Now, should the visitor access example.co.ke several times and find it blank, they may think that your site is not online most of the time. This does your brand no favour. The best move would be to register the example.co.ke and redirect it to your main site so that anyone mistakenly accessing it, may still land on the correct page and receive the services you offer. Companies, institutions and individuals are now even registering domains they think are a common misspelling of their main domain so that they are able to get as many visitors as possible to their site. The more reason for .co.ke domain registration!

How do I register?

Registration is quite simple actually. You don’t need to come to our offices to register a domain or get any of our other services. We serve you from where you are. To register follow these three steps:

  • Access our website www.truehost.co.ke and use the search engine there to check if the domain you want is available for registration. If it’s not available, choose another domain name. If it is move on to step two.

  • If you don’t have an account with us yet, register an account in our website for free. Then log in and find Register a new domain. You will add the domain you want to your shopping cart. The process is simple and self leading. You will just be required to press Next button as you add Hosting package if you want hosting as well. You will get a button to Check Out. This will send you an invoice in your email.

  • Lastly, you will need to service the invoice. Your .co.ke domain registration will be completed automatically. You can check whois.com to see that the domain has been registered to you in about 1 minute.

.ke domain registration

.ke domain registration

The dot ke domain is the top level domain for Kenya (ccTLD), which supports the registration of second level Kenyan domains. .ke domain registration is becoming popular, yet most people still have several questions regarding the .ke second level domains. Here, we help you understand everything about .ke domain under the following subheadings:

When will .ke domains be available for registration?

The Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) unveiled the .ke second level domain in 5 stages namely: sunrise period, grandfathering period, land rush period, cooling-off period and general availability period. The general availability period started on 19th January 2018 and it meant that anyone could now register a .ke domain. The domains have since been available for registration for anyone worldwide.

How can I register a .ke domain?

Since 19th January 2018, KeNIC allowed for .ke domain registration for the general public. The procedure for .ke domain registration is quite easy. First, visit KeNIC’s domain checker page and search for the availability of the domain name. You need to visit KeNIC’s website to check for the availability as other domain checkers have not yet been updated to include the .ke second level domain. For now, only KeNIC’s page works. Next, you will follow the normal procedure of registering a domain name. This involves: choosing a registrar, placing an order for the domain and making the required payment.

How does the pricing compare?

The pricing of all .ke domains is first determined by KeNIC as it is he Registry for the .ke domain name space. Once they roll out their pricing of the domains, then the registrars are also able to decide how they’ll price the domains for clients. The .ke domain extension is new in the market hence it’s relatively high price compared to .co.ke and the like – which are also under KeNIC Registry. Some few selected .ke second level domains were registered via bidding process during the Land rush period, making them more expensive. Those ones were sold by KeNIC themselves. After that, the domains averaged for sh10000 per year. Most registrars in Kenya still maintain a high price for the domain. But of course, the price offered by Truehost Cloud Limited for the domain is low as usual, compared to its competitors. At Truehost, .ke domain registration goes for only sh6000.

So why register a .ke domain?

.ke domain registration offers businesses and organisations an opportunity to represent themselves in Kenya in a localised manner. With such a domain name, information on your site meant for Kenyan based business or operations becomes more relevant and localised. It gives the business a sense of professionalism in the eyes of local clients. Local clients will tend to be more comfortable dealing with an organisation with a .ke extension instead of the international extensions such as .com or .org.

Are there any requirements for .ke domain registration?

Other than adhering to the KeNIC’s terms of service regarding domains in its jurisdiction, there are no unique restrictions on registering .ke domains. Anyone from anywhere in the world can register domains with .ke extension. The domain can be registered for a minimum of 1 year – like any other domain. Maximum number of years a .ke second level domain can be registered is 5 years. When you register this domain, it will take a maximum of 3 hours to propagate so that it’s online. But reservation of the domain is made immediately on payment. This is a characteristic of all domains registered under KeNIC.

Can my details be seen on WHOIS once I register a .ke domain?

The function of WHOIS database is to provide reasonably accurate information on the administrative and technical points of contact of a particular domain. Otherwise, the registrant of the domain may risk losing the domain as they may not be contactable. Currently, most domain checkers have not been updated to provide information on .ke domain names. They will display a message that the domain extension is not supported. Nonetheless, KeNIC uses and up-to-date .ke domain checker. Thus, details of the domain registrant will be visible on KeNIC’s domain checker, just like for any other domain name. Additionally, should other registrars also update their domain checkers, your details will be visible. If you wish to hide them, subscribe for WHOIS ID protection at your registrar. Truehost Cloud Limited offers this service for KSh 1000 per year.

How to install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate


How to install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

Login to the Cpanel


Under security



Click on Lets Encrypt icon



Go to issue Certificate Section



Click on Issue against your domain or subdomain you wish to secure

Tick appropriate actions including where to include the SSL /wildcard options/sub



domain option



Then Click issue button

You have successfully installed the SSL certificate for your website.

In case of any error kindly contact support

Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya

Domain Registration in Kenya

Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya
Kenic accredited domains name registrars as listed on Kenic Website as at March 2018.
They are quite a number of them. Some of them include Telecommunication companies, local and international domain registrars, web hosting companies, media companies among others
Licensed Registrars
1. Free Website
Tel: 0780 190 000
Email: info@freewebsite.co.ke

2. Peak and Dale Solutions.
Tel 🙁 020) 2216522/0722 216522/0732 216522
Email: info@peakanddale.com

3. EAC Directory.
Tel: 0719 661 448 | 0723 801 277
Email: info@eacdirectory.co.ke

4. Aplin Media Limited.
Tel: 0732715780
Email: admin@aplin.co.ke

5. Kenya Website Experts.
Tel: 0722 209 414/0720 858 137
Email: info@kenyawebexperts.co.ke

6. Gamma Solutions Limited.
Tel: 0701311074 /0724828596
Email: support@webaukhosting.net

7. Oracom Web Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 724 926 871 / +254 722 512 436
Email: info@oracom.co.ke

8. Flex Solutions
Tel: 0714 495 840
Email: info@flexsolutions.co.ke

9. Geda Limited
Tel: 020 353 6000/0773 005 117
Email: info@geda.co.ke

10. Homeboyz Entertainment Limited.
Tel: 020 269 2394
Email: info@homeboyz.co.ke

11. GreenBell Communications Limited
Tel: 020 3549143/0202525648/0786220003
Email: info@gbc.co.ke

12. Ignite Africa Limited.
Tel: 0722 574 182/0712 295 295/722 420 946
Email: domains@igniteafrica.co.ke

13. Jamii Telecommunications Limited.
Tel: 0711 054 100
Email: info@jtl.co.ke

14. Deep Africa Co Ltd.
Tel: 0712 500 500
Email: support@deepafrica.com

15. Mackphilisa Computer Systems Limited.
Tel: 0727457-0000/0706 049 558
Email: info@mcs.co.ke
16. MYISP Limited.
Tel: 020 3569999/0789 656023
Email: info@myisp.co.ke

17. NairobiNet Online Limited.
Tel: 0731 201 003/731 201 021/0731 224 054/0731 238 977
Email: info@nbnet.co.ke

18. Satori Africa Limited.
Tel: 0720445653
Email: accounts@satori.co.ke

19. Shine Web Technologies Limited.
Tel: 0774 888898
Email: info@shineweb.co.ke

20. Webhost Ultima Limited.
Tel: +254)020-5230850/0728-787-401
Email: support@webhostkenya.co.ke

21. MTN Business
Tel: (+254) 722205152/020-7600001
Email: info@mtnbusiness.co.ke

22. Palm Online Systems Limited.
Tel: 020 804/ 27600724 226 427
Email: info@palm.co.ke

23. Sasahost Limited
Tel: 0713 478555/ 0732 478555
Email: support@sasahost.co.ke

24. Dotnet Systems.
Tel: 0726 588 888
Email: support@dotnet.co.ke

25. Sawa sawa.com
Tel: 0722 911 411
Email: info@sawasawa.co.ke

26. Asterisktech.co.ke
Email: info@asterisktech.co.ke

27. Truehost Kenya.
Tel: 0734-919116
Email: info@truehost.co.ke

28. Lexynergy Kenya Limited.
Tel: 020 514 7069
Email: nairobi@lexsynergy.com

29. Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Limited.
Tel: 020 5000 000
Email: info@liquidtelecom.co.ke

30. Massive Dynamic
Tel: 1-877-867-7396
Email: techsupport@massivedynamic.com

31. Message Labs Africa Limited.
Tel: 020-3569132/020-5101160/0738-808889
Email: info@ke.msgafrica.com
32. RippleWave.
Tel: 0722800580
Email: mail@ripplewave.com

33. Yengas Technologies
Tel: 0737 137 275/0721 468 728/0720 058 715
Email: support@yengas.com

34. CallKey (E.A) Limited
Tel: +254 (20) 365 00 00/+254 (724) 640 049

35. ITworks Limited
Tel: 0726882739

36. KenyaWeb.com Limited
Tel: +254-020-2243310/+254-722-205594/+254-020-356-0521
Email: info@kenyaweb.com/

37. Softlink Options Limited
Tel 🙁 254) (0)20 3559522 /2458484
Email: info@softlinkoptions.com

38. Tecnet Solutions.
Tel: 0733744233
Email: chani@tecnet.co.ke

39. Eazywiz Web Solutions
Tel: 0722507995
Email: info@eazywiz.com

40. Etiqet Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 20 2227100
Email: domains@dewcis.com

41. J.S Engine Limited.
Tel: 0725-990660
Email: info@jsengine.net

42. Dexterity Solutions
Tel: 0774062752
Email: support@infiniti-host.com

43. Frank Maina Communications Limited.
Tel: 0722 531 033
Email: info@frankmaina.com

44. Manyatta Interactive Solutions Limited.
Tel: 0708-184-150
Email: customersupport@manyatta.com

45. AccessKenya Group
Tel: 020 3600 200/0732 136 200
Email: support@accesskenya.com

46. Afriregister Limited
Tel: 0724 44 57 40
Email: admin@afriregister.co.ke

47. Bostech ICT Solutions Limited
Tel: 0708 304 880 / 0737 558 777
Email: info@bostechsolutions.net

48. Cecypo Limited
Tel: +254 57 2020033
Email: mail@mykenyanhost.com
49. Compedge Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 20 4441970/1, +254 726004748
Email: info@compedgesolutions.co.ke

50. Ecobiz Limited
Tel 🙁 +254) 717 775 775/ (+254) 732 775 775
Email: info@ecobiz.co.ke

51. Infomage Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 714 090 834, +254 722 353 699
Email: info@infomage.co.ke

52. Interactive Technology Limited
Tel 🙁 254) 722 695000/706 674000/732 674000/733 605365
Email: info@itlweb.com

53. Intrepid Data systems Limited
Tel: 254 (0) 20 2430424 / 254 715 659 199
Email: billing@intrepid.co.ke

54. Kenya Education Network

Tel: 0732150500/0703044000

Email: info@kenet.or.ke

55. Newline Media Productions

Tel: +254 722 349 269

Email: support@nmp.co.ke

56. RNP IT Solutions Limited


Tel: 0720279448

Email: info@rnp.co.ke

57. Safaricom Limited


Tel: 0722002222

Email: business.support@safaricom.co.ke

58. Transworld Africa Limited

Tel: +254 722402248

Email: info@transworldafrica.com

59. Telkom Kenya Limited
Tel: +254 (020) 4600200 / 4952000
Email: customercare@telkom.co.ke

60. Global Internet Fortunes Limited
Tel: +254705352288
Email: admin@globalfortunesinternet.com

61. Garanntor
Tel: +254 730112118 | +254 714177782
Email: support@garanntor.com

.Africa / dotAfrica


A premium top level domain extension run and managed by ZA Central Registry. The domain extension is intended for African Brands, Brands with African presence.

The domain extension became available to the general public on 1st July 2017.

This is after a lengthy unresolved dispute between DCA Trust and ICANN.  DCA Trust were the one of the first domain name extension applicant back in early 2000.

Why .Africa

Showcase that your brand has commitment to a Pan-African impact

Allow consolidation of all African operations under one domain

Unique domain extension – yourbrand.africa is likely to be available

dotAfrica Domain

dotAfrica Domain



  • Order today at Truehost Cloud
  • Other Top Registrars

This is the best domain extension for Pan-African brands.


Some popular .africa websites include:

  • africa
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