3 ways to effectively use a .KE domain name if you are not ready to build a website

If you want to acquire your .ke domain name, but then you are not ready to build your website, there are effective ways that you can use your domain. This means that you don’t need to find loads of money to pay a web developer before you go to Truehost Cloud to get your domain. You can simply go to the Truehost client area, order your .ke domain, and benefit in the following ways.

1. Protect your brand online

If you do not acquire your .ke domain name early enough, be sure that someone else will get your preferred name before you, and he will control your presence online. If you have a business name that you are already using, and it is known by your clients, chances are that they
will use search engines to look for you online, using your brand name, and they might end up being directed to the person who has the domain, even if it is your competitor.
Even if you have not built an online presence yet, make sure that you acquire your .ke domain as soon as you have thought about a suitable business name, product name, or blog name. This way, you will be protected online.

2. Create a customized email address

Once you acquire a .ke domain from Truehost, you can get customized email addresses pointed to your domain. This would be something like info@mydomain.ke, or any preferred name that you choose.
The advantage of having a customized email address is that you gain more trust from users, as opposed to using the common email platforms.

3. Forward it to an online profile, or store.

If you have a Facebook page, or any online profile, you can redirect your traffic to that page using your domain name. This can help you build the online profile since anybody going to your domain will land in your preferred page.

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