Human Resource Management & Payroll Processing App

Served Clientele: SMEs, Start-ups, Corporate, Professionals, NGOs, Government
Simplified Applications serving Small and Medium Organizations, It simplifies management of Human Capital and Talents within organizations. Providing simplified employee database and key functionalities like

  • recruitment,
  • training,
  • time management,
  • payroll processing,
  • leave management,
  • item and tools issue,
  • discipline,
  • employee online portal and access among others.

Real time support and rich knowledge base makes the application very user friendly.

Esacco Sacco & Microfinance Management System

Served Clientele: SACCOs, Microfinance Institutions, MFIs, Cooperative Unions, Credit Services Providers, Banks, Lending Organizations.

A powerful financial management application that automates some of the following critical tasks

  • Client Registration
  • Deposits (savings, contributions) management,
  • Credit and loan application, appraisal, processing management,
  • Tellering and Cash Handling
  • Fixed Deposit and interest accruing financial products
  • Dividend Calculation and Posting
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Mobile and SMS banking
  • Internet Banking & Mobile Application

It’s easy to use architecture and brilliant user support team makes it a market leader.


Real Estate Management App

Served Clientele: Housing Cooperatives, Real Estate Organizations, Land buying & Selling Organizations

An application gaining popularity with the growth of the Real Estate Industry. The Application automates the following within organizations.

  • Project Registrations
  • Project Subdivisions and Allotment– plots
  • Project Unit Details Description
  • Plot Assignment & Disposal
  • Plot payment management
  • Clients and Member Registration
  • Member Reports and Statement
  • Project Accounting
  • SMS Alerts and Notifications
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

Developed from Esacco Framework, positive reviews include easy to use architecture and brilliant support team.


Secure Operations | Reliable Support |Working Solution

Real Estate Agent App

Served Clientele: Real Estate Agency firms, Real Estate Managers, Rent Collectors,

Simplifies tenant management activities for real estate agency firms. The application automates the following:

  • Landlord/ Owner registration
  • Building/ Apartment Registration
  • Leasable Unit Description within a an Apartment/ Building
  • Unit Assignment to Tenants
  • Rent and Deposit Management
  • Receipting and Periodical reports and Statements
  • Landlord Payment
  • Arrears and Balance Management
  • Utility Billing and Invoicing
  • Tenant De-assigning

Developed from Esacco Framework, positive reviews include easy to use architecture and brilliant support team.


(POS) Sales, Purchases & Inventory App

Served Clientele: General Merchants, Wholesalers, Pharmacies, FCMG, Hardware & Electricals, Agrovets, Manufacturing Companies

Automate sales within organizations, ideal for all merchants apart from supermarket cashiering, can be applied at a supermarket back office. Among key features include:

  • Sales by POS
  • Sales via Invoice
  • Sales via Credit
  • Inventory Management
  • Stock adjustments and transfers
  • Reorder Level Alerts
  • Purchasing Management
  • Supplier’s registration and pricelist maintenance
  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Account and Statement
  • Creditors and Debtor Aging Reports
  • Multiple Reports

Simplified approach to sales, inventory and purchase management automation

Procurement & Inventory Management App

Served Clientele: Parastatals, NGOs, General Merchants, Construction Project

Works best in organization’s departments that manage internal or project inventory. Compliant to government regulations like PPOA. Some of key features include:

Procurement Management

NadaERP purchasing module allows automation of procurement process in line with the various regulations like PPOA. Managing the entire process of:

  • Managing Suppliers,
  • Item Requisition,
  • Receiving Quotations,
  • Raising LPO/ LSO,
  • Inspecting Goods and Issuing Delivery Note,
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Procurement Reports.

Inventory Management

NadaERP Inventory module automates inventory management within a company. The module captures all the activities including:

  • Receiving Supplied Goods (into different stores),
  • Adjustments and Stock Transfers,
  • Internal store Requisition and Store Issue, (both for office consumption and project execution)
  • Consumption per zone or project
  • Reorder Level Alerts
  • Supernormal consumption Alerts
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Inventory Reports.

Simple app that has saved organizations millions in dead stock and pilferage management

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