Automated Web hosting Backup

Automated Web hosting Backup

cloud backup solution

cloud backup solution

Backup in web hosting is one of the most important service. Any serious web hosting service provider provide multiple web hosting back up option. At Truehost Cloud we found the need for redundant back up options after a series of misfortunes. Some of typical misfortunes include:

A client calls requesting rollback of changes that they have just effected on their websites – with no backup/ restore option, this would be hard to serve.

A client raise a support ticket requesting support after their website or data has been intruded and corrupted – how do you restore the data to a healthy point without a backup and restore option.

A web server just went down – a critical service like MYSQL , which takes longer than expected to fix – how do you move your customers to a another live server in absence of a backup restore solution.

Automated backup are usually scheduled and ran at offpeak hours to avoid server overload

Choose a web hosting company with automated backup options – ask for the backup restore provision

Some application for used by web hosting and cloud companies to perform backup include:


Jet Backup



Among others

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