How to back up website from cpanel

You can obtain back up for two reasons:

-To restore incase an update goes wrong

-To transfer to a new host

When obtaining back up for restoring purposes, kindly use partial back up: this means files will be a separate back up on home directory, database will be also separate and mails will be separate.

It is recommended to facilitate restore process of back up files.

Full back up is recommended for those transferring to a new host:

Partial back up

  • Login to cpanel using the details provided on New account information email
  • Go to file section
  • Click back up wizard
  • Click back up

Website files –partial back up

  • To back up files only click home directory back up,
  • click home directory button to download the back up files
  •  choose save file and click ok to complete download

Database-partial back up

  • To back up databases only click MYSQL database,
  • click  databases button to download back up databases(if your website was database driven)
  •  choose save file and click ok to complete download

Email-partial back up

  • To back up emails only click email forwarders and filters,
  •  select the forwarder email whose back up you want to download
  • choose save file and click ok to complete download


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