Best and cheapest Cloud servers in Kenya

Cheapest Cloud server in Kenya

As cloud based computing continues to grow in Kenya, many companies offering or needing a cloud server in Kenya are coming up.

Cloud based computing continues to grow and you will most likely need a cloud server in Kenya. Having your cloud activities hosted in a cloud server in Kenya has the advantage of increased speed and faster access as the content is locally stored. This means that local traffic to your site will not need to be routed through hundreds of nodes overseas, but will be reached easily.

Cloud servers in Kenya also ensure that one is immune to major communication disruptions which occur when international links are cut.

TrueHost offers personal and corporate cloud services in Kenya. Our cloud server ensures security of your data, providing encrypted storage and protecting your vital data from any hacker threats, viruses and scams. TrueHost data centre ensures that you have a secure, low latency online back-up, at a cheap, affordable price.

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