Best Globally Recognised Web Application

Web applications that are utilized over the world have a higher preference rate since they have longer life span and easy support. When web applications are convenient for mass use and are convenient for diverse users they are referred to as global solution.

Make your app a global solution:

  • Through improving user interaction on the app.
  • Make it able to meet the specific user requirement.
  • Allow the app to work best in different environment such as different browsers
  • Allow the app be easy to understand for beginners
  • Make an app that is efficient in that it requires minimum time to accomplish required tasks
  • Solve many problems with your app
  • Make it easy to convert to other languages
  • Make the app easy to integrate with other software

Truehost provides cloud services for app hosting. It houses web applications such as shown on link web applications serve as human resource, payroll, micro-finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Host your web application on any of the following provisions:

  • Shared Cpanel webhosting is provided in three distinct packages at affordable prices. These packages are namely Silver, gold and unlimited. Silver is best for personal use in email hosting, gold is best for use in blogs where content is added while unlimited serves as the ultimate solution for both personal and business purposes. Silver has 5GB space with 50GB bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. Gold has a space of 10 GB with 100GB bandwidth and 100 MYSQL databases. Unlimited package has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MYSQL databases.
  • Reseller webhosting is provided to clients to lease to other individuals and support them. It aims at generating income for the reseller. Available packages are silver reseller and gold reseller that provide unlimited bandwidth transfer speeds.
  • Lease a server:
    • Virtual Private servers: These virtual private servers have fully managed service with 2 IP addresses included, FREE domain reseller account, CentOS operating system and Redundant RAID10 disk space. Security is guaranteed with Initial setup and fine tuning, initial security hardening, Mod_security installation, Permissions tweaking, Firewall configuration, Regular updates Optional 24/7 monitoring, SSH access, guarantees on Latest quad core Intel CPU’s ,Minimum 16GB RAM,4 drives in RAID10 for maximum redundancy, 100mbit/s connectivity, Remote backups and FREE daily and weekly backups.
    • Dedicated servers: Manage them personally and improve performance by insulating them from the other websites. Install server hardware of your choice. Specification include Intel Xeon Quad core CPU, DDR3 RAM, bandwidth of 3000GB with hard disks of 1Terabyte. They vary in prices and have best utility performance.

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