Best Kept Secrets in Small Business Cloud – (revealed by TrueHost)

Best Kept Secrets on (SMEs)  Small Business Cloud

What is cloud in relation to a (SMEs)  Small and Medium Business

What is public Cloud in relation to SMEs

Cloud can refer to a combination of resources that are available or accessed over internet; mainly refer to storage resources, backup resources, email hosting and storage resources, web space and multimedia storage and access over the cloud.

These are resources that any small or medium business requires in her operations.

Any business require emails and therefore email hosting, email backup are a must have resource.

Many (SMEs) Small and Medium Business operate a Multi-branch environment or infrastructure; distributed operations calls for secure data sharing.

Secure data sharing may also require a data backup option.

In addition to the data storage options, a company may require some software tools to control access and sharing of the data.

These software resources or tools run from a n outsourced server in other words – public cloud

Any 21st century business small or medium requires a fully functional and working website.

A website runs from a web server in the public cloud or otherwise, therefore small businesses also require web hosting – which is also a public cloud.


In short, almost all small and medium businesses in 21st century have or must invest in a public cloud for survival if not efficiency.

Any business owner hopes to discover the best public cloud provider for his or her SME .

Truehost Kenya is the best public cloud provider for (SMEs)  small and medium businesses at least in Kenya and Africa in General.

Qualities and Guarantees

TrueHost Kenya Data is served from 3 data centers

Superfast TrueHost Kenya servers guarantees fastest services

Superb security at TrueHost Kenya means you data is safe from competitors or other insecurity.

Redundant data backup by TrueHost Kenya guarantees no loss of data ever

Trained and ever ready support personnel offer the best of support and customer service.

Innovations that ensure TrueHost Kenya  is always ahead of the competition offer your business more powerful cloud tools


See TrueHost Kenya SMEs Solutions or Google Truehost Kenya for More


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