Best web hosting services in Kenya

Once you have carefully designed your website, the next step to take is to host it. For a website to be accessible to your online community (your clients, peers, etc.) it must be hosted. You can host it on your own or get assistance from a professional. Some hosting companies will help you achieving this while others will not; it all depends on the level of support offered by the web host.

Since you are reading this, it means you intend to host a website someday whether soon or later. If you are wondering how you can host it on your own, you can check out this step by step tutorial. For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate more on where to find the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Truehost Kenya.

Truehost offers their clients unlimited email addresses on every hosting plan they offer, they also guarantee 99.99% uptime of their servers, they boast of one of the best support team and cheap domain prices.

  1. Kenya web experts.

Kenya web experts are also known to offer one of the best hosting services in Kenya.

  1. Sasa Host.

Like the first two, sasahost are also known to be doing well in the industry.

Others include:

  • Peak and Dale solutions
  • Web host Kenya
  • Hostbora

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