The Best Domain registrar for Kenya comparison

The Best Domain registrar for Kenya

This article explores popular belief on level of service as delivered by the best domain name registrars for Kenya.

The key question is who the best domain registrar – is it in Kenya or in the US? and Why..? Five popular domain name registrars were compared for the results. The domain name registrars include: Truehost Cloud, Godaddy, Hostigator, Namesilo, and

Majority of respondents, 60 percent of the respondents named Godaddy as the best domain registrar. Other respondents named,, and

Truehost Cloud got a mere 1% from the interviewed respondent. The respondent were further tasked with comparing their choice with Truehost Cloud on some predetermined parameters.

After comparison of the two domain registrars, the same question was posed and different results were realized.

Let’s start the comparison – a summary of popular responses


DNS Record Management Tool

What does your chosen domain name registrar provide under DNS management tool? provides a comprehensive DNS Tools that include email forwarding, name servers creations, change of parent nameservers, A records, CNAME, TXT records

Truehost Cloud provide an equally comprehensive set of DNS tools to domain owners allowing easy email forwarding, name server creation and update, CNAME and TXT records just like or Godaddy and it is equally as fast.

Domain Name Prices

What is your Total Cost of Ownership for .com domain at chosen domain registrar?

At Godaddy, .com domain name extension TCO is 17 USD while at the TCO for .com domain is $22, Namecheap and Namesilo TCO for .COM domain is $20.

Truehost Cloud TCO for a .com domain is $20, only Godaddy has better deal than Truehost Cloud

Domain name renewal Prices

What is the .com domain name renewal price at chosen domain name registrar?

.com renewal price at Godaddy is $14, Namecheap, renewal price is approximately $1o. Truehost cloud offer similar pricing with .COM domain available for renewal $10, making Truehost Cloud competitive domain registrations.

24/07 support

What is the response time of the customer support at your chosen domain name registrar?

Godaddy: Take more than 12 hours to respond to support, Namecheap take more than 1 hour to respond. Namesilo can respond within 1 hour. Did you know Truehost Cloud respond within 5 minutes to your support call? On any channel.

Domain Name extensions

What is the total number of domain extensions available at your chosen domain registrar?

Godaddy offers more than 700 domain extensions,, and have slightly higher or lower.

Truehost Cloud provides around 650 domain name extension – just like the other domain name registers.

Who is the best domain registrar after this information?

40% Respondent chose Truehost Cloud

38% respondent chose Godaddy.


Truehost Cloud needs higher level of exposure to clients and potential clients, to become the best domain name registrar for Kenya.



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