How to create a business website in kenya

5 steps to create a website in kenya

1. Register a domain at Truehost Cloud
2. Get a cloud service / hosting for your website and emails – a free package available for startups 
3. Get a site builder with stunning 100+ templates​

4.Tell ​the world​ more about your business by uploading images and text

​ on the site builder.​
5. You ​will a beautiful website in an hour or less​
​Truehost Cloud offer ​Dedicated support person for site builder users.​

Google changing it’s approach to SSL

Google has been out to make websites adopt SSL. A website with an SSL certificate is one accessed using https:// instead of http://. Normally, a padlock is displayed next to the https:/ tag for sites secured with SSL.

There are 3 things Google does to push site owners to adopt SSL:

  • Google uses the presence of SSL certificate in a site as a SEO ranking factor. Sites with SSL rank better than those without on Google
  • It adds a Secure tag on sites that have SSL installed.
  • It displays a Not Secure tag for sites that have no SSL yet there are forms on the site that require user input

Now, Google is taking a different approach to achieve the same goal. Instead of focusing on display Secure for sites with SSL certificates, Google wants to concentrate more on displaying Not Secure on sites without SSL.

Currently, https pages show a green padlock and the word Secure besides that. With the onset of Chrome 69 in September, this will be changed to a black padlock without the tag Secure. From there, we will have the pages not displaying any padlock or Secure tag. Instead, we will have a Not Secure tag blinking on Chrome for sites without SSL.The focus is shifting to the insecurity, so as to make the internet more secure. The objective of Google here is to ensure that eventually, people will have sites as secure by default.

The other objective of abandoning the Secure tag and the SSL padlock is that, people tend to believe that a site with the padlock is safe. But this isnt always the case as malicious folk simply take on a site’s typo and install SSL then use it to impersonate the legit site. Now that doesn;t make the site safe, does it?


The conclusion of the matter is that, if you havent installed SSL for your site, now is the best time to do so. SSL certificates have become cheaper(some even free) and easier to install. Some SSL vendors will even install it for you. With that said, why don’t you get yourself an SSL for your site? Of course if Google tells your site visitor that your site is not secure, not matter what your explanation will be, the visitor will trust Google – and not you. The world is on the move! So lets move!

How to get a cool domain name

Once in a while we come across some very cool domain name, whose owners employed a lot of creativity to come up with. The most interesting one was during the  US election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the domain name redirected to Hillary Clintons website. Someone had wittingly registered the domain that spelt the name of a Republican politician, and made it redirect to a Democrat politician.

How can you get a cool name that will wow everybody? The easiest way is to play about with the extension. Unknown to many, there are hundreds of different extensions that one can use. A full list can be found HERE, and some creative examples you can find from TrueHost can help you stand out: Here are a few suggestions on choosing a cool domain name:

  • If your brand name is Penske, you can register a dot ke domain name
  • If your name is Platinga, you can use the .ga extension so that your domain is
  • If you run a business called Nairobi Informatics you can choose a domain like
  • If your brand name is called Truehost Cloud, then the dot cloud extenstion gives you the domain

Everything you need to know about websites and web hosting


Sometimes when you need a website, you just need a website! You may not be concerned about the details therein, as they say, the devil is always in the details. But the moment you start ‘getting’ your website, many other things come up. You need to choose a domain name, get a hosting with sufficient bandwidth, storage and latency, have cPanel, installed, use Content Management system such as WordPress, Joomla or others, set up email forwarders and IMAP clients, and many other technical terms. All these details may confuse, and here we are going to explain them in the simplest terms possible.



A website is a collection of pages in the worldwide web, including documents, information, media, graphics or even databases. These together constitute a website, and when you want to create a website, you are simply putting all this together in a way that someone can easily access it. To achieve this, there are several things that you will need to know, have or use:


Domain name

Domain refers to the address that will be used to access your website. You will need to register a domain name, and this is something that looks like, or ‘My domain’ here refers to your name of choice, such as your business name, your brand name, or any name that you choose to use. For a list of all the available domain names, check Truehost Domains Page.

Web hosting

Web hosting, internet hosting, or simply hosting refers to the service that avails you some storage space, computing power, and necessary software, in a computer that is publicly accessible over the internet. This means that whatever you place an install there will be available over the internet, unlike a file in your home PC which cannot be accessed over the internet. This is called hosting, and Web hosting companies like Truehost Cloud offer you different web hosting plans, including shared hosting and virtual machines.



Storage refers to the hosting space that the hosting company avails to you, to use for your website. This is measured in bytes, and could range from MBs to several GBs or TBs. The choice of an appropriate storage depends on the size of your websites, and in most cases, 10 GB is good enough.



This is another magical term when it comes to web hosting. Once you have been given a web hosting space, you need to be assured that you have access to the space. This is more like an access road that will be used to access the web hosting space.

The access road can be defined either in terms of the number of lanes, or the number of vehicles that are allowed to pass per unit time. In web hosting terms, this means that the bandwidth would be limited to a dedicated connection speed of 1 Mbps, or to a monthly total data transfer of 100GB to and from your hosting space. Why such restrictions? Because, internet service providers charge for data transferred, and someone hosting videos will have a lot of data moving from their website, and they need to fairly pay for that traffic.



Do not make an assumption that there is an aPanel, bPanel, and then cPanel. But cPanel, is the software that manages your hosting space, allowing for installation of others tools, management of the hosting space, and creating and managing email addresses. You will login to your web hosting space by using the link cPanel is like the operating systems for your hosting space.


Content management System

Once you have your web hosting space, and access to it via cPanel, you need some software to help you manage the content that you will be uploading there. This is where CMS comes in, and there are many such software such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others. Truehost Cloud hosting space and cPanel allow installation of various open CMS, and it is up to you to choose the one you want.



Webmail is the web service that allows you to access your emails through your browser. Once you have your domain and hosting set up, you can access your webmail email service by using the link


Email Client

When accessing emails, there are several tools that are meant to help one do so. Such can be software like Microsoft Outlook, or any mail applications that are available for android and iOS. These are what we call email clients, and are useful as they help us have access to the emails even when we are offline. The technology behind how these operate is usually either POP3 or IMAP, and setting up any of these is easy, as these email clients can do that automatically, giving you access to your emails instantly.


Website builder

Building a website is never a walk in the park. There are lines of code to write, programming language to learn, and databases to integrate. But then, this is not the year 1999, where everything must be complicated. Welcome to the world of website builder, where anyone can design and develop their own website by simply dragging and dropping.

Truehost website builder allows one to drag objects across a page, order them in the best way possible, and publish the website online. It is like creating your own website using Microsoft Office. Simply click, drag and develop.


What are you waiting for? Get your website started now.

What is a domain name – Domain names explained

What is a domian name

What would happen if there was only one post office in the world, and everybody had to acquire a post office box number from that post office? This would mean that there would be big numbers which are hard to remember. To make it easier, we could create a different way of naming, whereby we ask the post office staff to associate your name with your specific box number. This means that people do not need to remember the long and complex number, but only need to know my name to send me a letter. The post office staff would need to know both my name and my assigned number, and when they receive a letter addressed to my name, they would know which box number to put it.

The internet operates like one big Post Office, where everybody is given their unique address to identify them. Every resource in the internet is identified by a 12 digit number called the IP address. Since it is hard to remember a twelve digit string, domain names are used to identify the resources, and these domain names are linked to specific IP addresses. Thus, if you have a website, instead of being identified as, it is identified as This name is what is called a domain name. When someone tries to access the domain name from a web browser, the web browser first contacts a domain name server, which ‘resolves’ the name for it, by checking the list of names and numbers and giving the browser the right number associated with that domain, and the browser proceeds to go that IP address since it is unique.

For the Kenyan domain, a domain name would be something like, or Here, ‘my domain’ is your preferred brand name, business name, blog name. This means that if you run a business by the name victory cakes, you can opt to choose the domain name, or if your name is Tony and you are running a blog, you can choose the domain name

There are two levels of Kenyan domain names that one can choose to acquire; this is second or third level domains. Second level domains are the ones that end just with a .ke, such as, while third level domain are the ones with one more prefix before the .ke part, such as The third level domain options that are available for Kenyan domains include,,,,, and A full list of all the Kenyan domain names and their use can be found here. domain registration

co-ke1 domain registration

Are you running a business in Kenya? Are you looking to have your business online? domain registration is on the rise in Kenya. Nothing says ‘Kenya’ more clearly than having a .ke domain. It gives your business a Kenyan taste and is the ideal domain extension to have for a Kenyan based business or organisation. It is the most popular domain extension registered in Kenya.

Why use a domain?

Compared to the .com domain, a domain tells everyone that your business is Kenyan based. This means, everyone knows what currency you will use to transact, what language you communicate in and tells more about your business than any other domain extension. It also gives a client more confidence to transact with your business via the website knowing it is local compared to if it was an international domain. International domains are used by anyone world wide eg those with .com, .org, .net. domain proves to your clients that your business is in Kenya and that inspires confidence to transact.

What requirements are there to register this domain?

There are no requirements for domain registration. It is the simplest hence most popular domain to register in Kenya. It is not designated for specific institutions or organisations unlike other domains extensions (e.g., and See our article on .ke domain registration requirements). You can register it for your business, organisation, individual and even for schools and churches. Also, no documents are needed for domain registration – not even an ID card. You just register the domain you desire!

What about pricing?

Like all other domains, a domain has two prices. Registration price and renewal price. Domains are not a lifetime possession. You need to renew your domain(s) annually so as to keep it. Otherwise, they will be de-registered and made available for registration by others. Now, at Truehost, a domain registration goes for only sh570. This will allow you to own the domain for a whole year. After that, you will renew it for sh1000 per year. If you choose to renew it for more years, we offer a discount depending on the number of years you are making payment for. A bit of research reveals that we offer the best domain prices in Kenya. Our renewal prices are a constant 1000 for all non-special domains – a deal matched by no other domain registrar. You can see our full pricing list by clicking here.

What if my domain is registered with another extension, such as .com?

If your domain is registered using another extension and you wish to use a domain, we have a solution for you. Domains once registered cannot be edited. So if you have,, we can’t change that to What we can do is register the domain equivalent of your .com domain name such that, you will own both domains. We can then move your website from the .com to the domain so that the same website content you designed can be accessed via The best part is that, you can own both domains and make a redirection such that, when someone accesses, they are redirected to so that your visitors will still be able to access your website even when you move to No loss there!

But why should I register more than one domain?

There are two reasons why you may consider domain registration and perhaps even register more domains. First, you can do this so that to avoid abuse of your business brand. Imagine a situation where you have developed your business brand online with a domain, say, Then, a malicious individual comes by and registers and creates a fake site and pretends to be you. Such people can do a lot of harm on your brand name as they can use your popularity to con others or do other illegal things with a domain name that looks like yours. They steal your brand, damage it’s reputation and abandon it. It is best practice to purchase as many domains that are similar to yours as possible.

Secondly, some of your website visitors may innocently confuse your domain name. For instance, a visitor may assume that your domain is called instead of maybe because you operate within Kenya. Now, should the visitor access several times and find it blank, they may think that your site is not online most of the time. This does your brand no favour. The best move would be to register the and redirect it to your main site so that anyone mistakenly accessing it, may still land on the correct page and receive the services you offer. Companies, institutions and individuals are now even registering domains they think are a common misspelling of their main domain so that they are able to get as many visitors as possible to their site. The more reason for domain registration!

How do I register?

Registration is quite simple actually. You don’t need to come to our offices to register a domain or get any of our other services. We serve you from where you are. To register follow these three steps:

  • Access our website and use the search engine there to check if the domain you want is available for registration. If it’s not available, choose another domain name. If it is move on to step two.

  • If you don’t have an account with us yet, register an account in our website for free. Then log in and find Register a new domain. You will add the domain you want to your shopping cart. The process is simple and self leading. You will just be required to press Next button as you add Hosting package if you want hosting as well. You will get a button to Check Out. This will send you an invoice in your email.

  • Lastly, you will need to service the invoice. Your domain registration will be completed automatically. You can check to see that the domain has been registered to you in about 1 minute.

Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya

Domain Registration in Kenya

Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya
Kenic accredited domains name registrars as listed on Kenic Website as at March 2018.
They are quite a number of them. Some of them include Telecommunication companies, local and international domain registrars, web hosting companies, media companies among others
Licensed Registrars
1. Free Website
Tel: 0780 190 000

2. Peak and Dale Solutions.
Tel 🙁 020) 2216522/0722 216522/0732 216522

3. EAC Directory.
Tel: 0719 661 448 | 0723 801 277

4. Aplin Media Limited.
Tel: 0732715780

5. Kenya Website Experts.
Tel: 0722 209 414/0720 858 137

6. Gamma Solutions Limited.
Tel: 0701311074 /0724828596

7. Oracom Web Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 724 926 871 / +254 722 512 436

8. Flex Solutions
Tel: 0714 495 840

9. Geda Limited
Tel: 020 353 6000/0773 005 117

10. Homeboyz Entertainment Limited.
Tel: 020 269 2394

11. GreenBell Communications Limited
Tel: 020 3549143/0202525648/0786220003

12. Ignite Africa Limited.
Tel: 0722 574 182/0712 295 295/722 420 946

13. Jamii Telecommunications Limited.
Tel: 0711 054 100

14. Deep Africa Co Ltd.
Tel: 0712 500 500

15. Mackphilisa Computer Systems Limited.
Tel: 0727457-0000/0706 049 558
16. MYISP Limited.
Tel: 020 3569999/0789 656023

17. NairobiNet Online Limited.
Tel: 0731 201 003/731 201 021/0731 224 054/0731 238 977

18. Satori Africa Limited.
Tel: 0720445653

19. Shine Web Technologies Limited.
Tel: 0774 888898

20. Webhost Ultima Limited.
Tel: +254)020-5230850/0728-787-401

21. MTN Business
Tel: (+254) 722205152/020-7600001

22. Palm Online Systems Limited.
Tel: 020 804/ 27600724 226 427

23. Sasahost Limited
Tel: 0713 478555/ 0732 478555

24. Dotnet Systems.
Tel: 0726 588 888

25. Sawa
Tel: 0722 911 411


27. Truehost Kenya.
Tel: 0734-919116

28. Lexynergy Kenya Limited.
Tel: 020 514 7069

29. Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Limited.
Tel: 020 5000 000

30. Massive Dynamic
Tel: 1-877-867-7396

31. Message Labs Africa Limited.
Tel: 020-3569132/020-5101160/0738-808889
32. RippleWave.
Tel: 0722800580

33. Yengas Technologies
Tel: 0737 137 275/0721 468 728/0720 058 715

34. CallKey (E.A) Limited
Tel: +254 (20) 365 00 00/+254 (724) 640 049

35. ITworks Limited
Tel: 0726882739

36. Limited
Tel: +254-020-2243310/+254-722-205594/+254-020-356-0521

37. Softlink Options Limited
Tel 🙁 254) (0)20 3559522 /2458484

38. Tecnet Solutions.
Tel: 0733744233

39. Eazywiz Web Solutions
Tel: 0722507995

40. Etiqet Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 20 2227100

41. J.S Engine Limited.
Tel: 0725-990660

42. Dexterity Solutions
Tel: 0774062752

43. Frank Maina Communications Limited.
Tel: 0722 531 033

44. Manyatta Interactive Solutions Limited.
Tel: 0708-184-150

45. AccessKenya Group
Tel: 020 3600 200/0732 136 200

46. Afriregister Limited
Tel: 0724 44 57 40

47. Bostech ICT Solutions Limited
Tel: 0708 304 880 / 0737 558 777

48. Cecypo Limited
Tel: +254 57 2020033
49. Compedge Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 20 4441970/1, +254 726004748

50. Ecobiz Limited
Tel 🙁 +254) 717 775 775/ (+254) 732 775 775

51. Infomage Solutions Limited
Tel: +254 714 090 834, +254 722 353 699

52. Interactive Technology Limited
Tel 🙁 254) 722 695000/706 674000/732 674000/733 605365

53. Intrepid Data systems Limited
Tel: 254 (0) 20 2430424 / 254 715 659 199

54. Kenya Education Network
Tel: 0732150500/0703044000


55. Newline Media Productions
Tel: +254 722 349 269


56. RNP IT Solutions Limited

Tel: 0720279448


57. Safaricom Limited

Tel: 0722002222


58. Transworld Africa Limited
Tel: +254 722402248


59. Telkom Kenya Limited
Tel: +254 (020) 4600200 / 4952000

60. Global Internet Fortunes Limited
Tel: +254705352288

61. Garanntor
Tel: +254 730112118 | +254 714177782

.KE Domain Registration Requirements

.ke domain registration

A .KE domain registration gives your business name a Kenyan touch. Additionally, at Truehost, this domains are cheaper than other domains. The .KE domains are designed to be used by individuals, businesses, intuitions or organisations that operate within Kenya. To register any .KE domain, go to our homepage and use our domain name search engine to search for the availability of the desired domain. If available, click Add To Cart and follow the steps until you successfully place an order for the domain.

The central registry in charge of managing all .KE domain registrations is Kenic. Kenic was established by the Communication Authority of Kenya so as to manage .KE domain registration in Kenya.

Nonetheless, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled for some .KE domains to be registered. These .KE domain registration requirements apply for, and domain names. These extensions are not for all to use and are therefore protected. To successfully register a domain baring this TLDs, you need to forward a supporting document. The following paragraphs explain the relevant supporting documents needed and where to acquire them for each domain:

This is Top Level Domain (TLD) is reserved exclusively for validated governmental institutions and agencies in Kenya. For one to register a domain with this extension, an authorisation letter must be obtained from the Department of Government IT Services(GITS) proving the same. The address and contacts of GITS are as below:

Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
P.O Box 30007-00100
Tel. +254 20 2252299

This TLD is used only by institutions of higher learning such as Universities, Tertiary Institutions or Colleges. A certificate of registration from the Ministry in charge of Education must be forwarded for registration of these domains to be completed. Address and contacts of the Ministry of Education are as follows:

State Department of Science and Technology
P.O BOX 9583-00200
Jogoo House B,Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254-020-3318581
Fax: +254-020-251991

Like the TLD, this is used for educational institutions – but mainly the lower level institutions i.e secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens. The domain registration is completed once the registrant provides a copy of the certificate of registration from the Ministry of Education, whose address and contacts are:

State Department of Education
P.O Box 30040-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue
Tel: +254-020-3318581
Fax: +254-020-20214287

Cheapest domain registrar in Kenya

truehost, cheapest domain registrar in kenya

cheapest domain registrar in Kenya

For you to launch your dream site, you must register a domain name with a domain registrar and also acquire hosting space for your website emails as well. A domain name registrar is a company that has been accredited by ICAAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to manage domain names. Almost all of these companies also offer web hosting and email hosting services. Truehost, however, is the cheapest domain registrar in Kenya.

Nonetheless before you settle on which company to register your domain name and have hosting with, there are various factors you need to consider as explained below.


No one wants to see their website not available for their site visitors. Everybody wants their corporate emails working fine. The amount of time your site is available online is your site’s uptime. It’s opposite is downtime. The best hosting companies have high uptime guarantees. Take nothing less than 99.9% uptime guarantee per year from your hosting company. At Truehost, our servers are well maintained to offer 99.99% uptime guarantee per year. Key to this is dealing with the issue of spamming and ensuring our servers have just the right amount of accounts. Our servers are constantly being monitored day and night all year long. Try our hosting packages today and experience uptime you can enjoy.


The very first thing one normally checks in any service delivery model is the pricing companies offer for given services. There’s a good number of domain registrars in Kenya. Among your first criteria when selecting the appropriate registrar is to ensure their pricing matches the service offered. Services should not be overpriced. More so, you need to check on add-on prices, renewal of service and price involved in domain transfer. At Truehost, we offer the fairest deals with our hosting packages ranging from free 144mbs, for domains registered with us, to unlimited space for only sh.7499 per year. The best seller package is the Silver package with 10gb space, unlimited emails, unlimited sub domains among others – all at sh999 per annum. The Gold and Platinum packages include free SSL certificate installed by us for you. Visit to compare packages. We are the cheapest domain registrar in Kenya and we offer equally cheap hosting services.


At times, for one reason or another you may need to transfer your domain and/or hosting to a new plan, maybe a VPS, dedicated server or even another hosting provider? The best scenario is to ensure you understand what this will involve at the very first time. Are there refunds? Will the registrar require additional payment from you to allow your transfer? Will they allow for transfers away from them? At Truehost, our transfer policy is very fair and simple: if you feel we haven’t satisfied your needs, you can transfer your domain. The sweeter deal however belongs to those transferring to us. Those with .ke domains transfer to us for free. If your .ke domain is expired or is expiring, we do the transfer for free then invoice for renewal. International domains are transferred to us for only sh1000, with a one year registration for the domain. Migration of your files is absolutely free for all types of transfers to us. When you compare prices, you’ll realise we are the cheapest domain registrar in Kenya.

Customer support

When deciding on your host, check on the kind of support they offer. If you are new to hosting, what kind of support is available for you to start off with your site/blog? Does your host-to-be have a knowledge base from where you can learn the basics about bringing up your site to life? Also, good support is easily reachable and they help you out with your challenges by giving direction on how the specific challenge can be resolved. The best companies also have 24/7 customer support help desk. At Truehost our support team is available 24/7/365 to help you out with your hosting related issues. Our wide and growing knowledge base assists users with their challenges. We have also developed a video knowledge base with video guidance on various issues.

Additional services

Other than domain registration and hosting, what other services is your the registrar company offering? Most companies also sell SSL certificates, SEO services and custom site builders. All these are examples of additional services your domain could use at some point. If your hosting provider offers these services, you could acquire them at a discount if you register more services with the particular domain registrar.

List of licensed domain name registrars can be found at the Kenya Network Information Centre website

To enjoy services you’ve paid for, get in touch with Truehost – the cheapest domain registrar in Kenya.



The Kenya Network Information Centre (Kenic)

The Kenya Network Information Centre (Kenic) is a non-profit organisation in Kenya that manages and administers the dotKE country code top-level domain(.ke ccTLD). It was established in 2003 after consultations with the local internet community. In that year, dotKE was delegated, for the second time, by the Internet Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to KEnic:

  • As the Administrative Point of Contact

  • As the Technical Point of Contact

Initially, in 1993, dotKE was delegated by Jon Postel, the Internet pioneer, to:

  • Dr. Shem Ochuodho: Administrative Point of Contact

  • Randy Bush: Technical Point of Contact

Both Dr. Ochuodho and Randy Bush (USA) had been acting on voluntary basis before the re-delegation in 2003. Members of the Kenic board are drawn from the government, the private sector, the academia, the civil society and Dr. Shem Ochuodho, the founding dotKE administrative contact.

Kenic sustainability is through income from:

  • Minimal domain name registration fees

  • Minimal operational costs due to few staff

  • Capacity building – maintaining an internship programme

The Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK), which facilitated the establishment of Kenic provides support to the organisation.

Objectives of Kenic

The major functions of Kenic are:

  • Become the trustee for the dotKE country-code-top-level-domain.

  • Become the .ke domain administrative and technical contact as was delegated in its founding in 2003

  • Administer the .ke ccTLD and its Second Level Domains

  • Maintain and promote the operational stability and utility of the .ke ccTLD

  • Ensure a cost-effective administration of the .ke ccTLD and its sub-domains

  • Provide name service for all .ke and ensure that the database is secure and stable

Its obligations to ICANN are:

  • Notify the Internet Corporation of Names and Numbers (ICANN) of any change to the contact information about the .ke ccTLD;

  • Allow ICANN to access .ke updated zone files and registration data.

  • It should continuously maintain a website at all times with all the registration information

  • Meet all its financial obligations to ICANN

  • Comply with all global ICANN Internet policies and help in their development.

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