Types of SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are an integral tool that should be part of every website today. Their main function is to ensure that on-transit data is secure, and a third party or man in the middle cannot intercept that communication between a client and a server. This is the first step towards securing your website and guaranteeing an enhanced user experience to your website visitors.

Truehost offers different types of SSL certificates that can be used with any domain name and web hosting service provided by Truehost, including with virtual and dedicated servers.


  1. Single domain SSL

Covers one domain name the www and non www

The ssl is suitable for simple sites.

Such include: www.testdomain.com & testdomain.com


The certificate is superior to single domain ssl since it covers a domain name and its subdomains.

They cover domain name and subdomain on it such as login.domain.com, blog.domain.com, mail.domain.com, user.domain.com, contact.domain.com

It’s suitable for interactive sites that have user login page.





The certificate covers many domains with one certificate.

-Recommended on websites with add-on domains

-The multi domain SSL also works for users with different domain names is same server such as in reseller packages.


  1. Organizational Validated SSL

-Organizational certificates are Trusted since Organizations are strictly authenticated by real agents against business registry databases hosted by governments.

-Documents may be exchanged and personnel may be contacted during validation to prove the right of use.

-OV certificates therefore contain legitimate business information.

-This is the standard type of certificate required on a commercial or public facing website.


  1. Extended Validation SSL(EV)

-This is the most superior SSL.

-It contains distinctive green bar, an organization name, https logo and a seal.

-It takes slightly longer to be issued due to the verification process involved.

– EV SSL is only issued to entities which are legitimate in their host government and may require legal documentations.

  1. SAN SSL

-These are special SSL certificate reserved for use on Microsoft exchange Servers.

-They are easy to validate and install.

-Useful in organizations which have their own internal networks.

-SAN SSL is best for encrypting communication within networks.


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