How to install lets encrypt free ssl tls manually Cpanel

How to install lets encrypt free ssl tls manually Cpanel

Lets Encrypt is a free and Opensource SSl that provides free Wildcard SSL certificate for multiple subdomains.

This tutorial goes through the process of installing Lets Encrypt SSL certificate to a website on a Cpanel Server manually without using the Lets Encrypt plugin as available on Truehost Cloud Servers.

  1. Lets Encrypt has appointed sslfor to generate and issue free Lets Encrypt SSL.

Go to


2. Enter your website domain name as shown below to check and generate the SSL for your website

3. Then it will show how to verify domain ownership. In this case, we will choose the manual domain verification for manual domain installation


4. An advance option that allow to manually verify domain from a  http server

5. The website will generate two domain verification files for upload to your Cpanel server.

Click on the two download files generated to download to your computer.

6. On your browser go to

Login to your domain Cpanel account

7. After login, click on File Manager option

8. Click on the File Manager to Open your website file system, proceed to click on Public_html to enter into the directory.

Click on +folder icon to create a folder and name it .well-known



Inside .well-known folder create another folder called acme-challenge

Inside acme-challenge folder upload the two files from sslforfree website

Follow the links displayed on sslforfree website to verify the downloads and consequently the domain.


Click on Download the SSL

This will generate the SSL certificate files including CA Bundle, Private Key and Certificate


In your Cpanel go to Security section

Click on SSL/TLS

The go to Manage SSL sites

Copy paste the content of the CA Bundle, Private Key and Certificate in the respective content boxes.


Click Install Certificate to Install the SSL certificate

The final step and very important is to force all traffic through the https protocol.

Go to public_html directory and click to edit .htaccess

In case you are unable to see the .htaccess file click on settings button on the right hand corner of your Cpanel and click to show hidden files including .htaccess


Copy paste the following code to force https

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]


Click Save to save the .htaccess file update.


Access the website on browser now.


Bingo you just did it

Why every website needs an SSL

Online security is changing. If you have been following the industry proceedings lately, you will notice that there are newer ways to compromise your data online. Fortunate for us, there are also simple ways to deal with that. One such way is use of SSL certificates in your website.

A secure socket layer (SSL) certificate is a security technology that encrypts communications between a server and a browser. Remember, any time you work with the internet on a browser, communication is made between the browser on your computer and the source of information that the browser displays – the web server. When connection to the server is not secured, your browser will send / receive data in plain form. This can ALLOW THIRD PARTIES TO READ YOUR DATA.

The importance of secure communication between a browser and a server has been taken to the next level by organisations that develop web browsers eg Google with it’s Chrome and Mozilla with it’s Firefox.

In Chrome, any site without an SSL certificate is marked as Not Secure. Users trust the browser and as such, you can be sure to loose one or two possible clients who refused to transact on your website because it is “Not secure.




This becomes worse for websites that require user input. Nowadays, users are warned when they are about to fill in details in a website that is not secures.








These security features have been adopted as the mark of legit sites worldwide. If for instance you have a popular online store, but your store lacks SSL certificate and a counterfeit store is opened and SSL installed, people will rush to log in to the counterfeit store which has SSL convinced it’s the legit store and leave out the website that does not have SSL certificate installed. Why risk?

Fortunately for you SSL certificates are now more affordable and available than ever before. At Truehost Cloud, we have your back when it comes to securing your website(s). We offer a vast range of SSL cerficates from world renowed Cerfificate Authorities such as Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec and Certum. The cerificates inlude:

  • Singe domain certficates – secures www and non-www versions of a domain eg and
  • Wildcard certificates – secures www and non-www versions of domains and subdomains eg and
  • EV cerficates – secures domains and subdomains and shows Green Bar*.

Once you complete the order for SSL certifificate, we will install it for you and you’ll see your site stop using http:// protocol and start using https://. Why wait? Get an SSL certificate here.

*A Green Bar SSL displayes the name of the company/organisation on the address barr next to the green padlock. Before these are issued, the CA validates the authenticity of the organisation. Legal procedure is followed to ensure the Organisation purchasing the SSL exists and is genuine. That means there can be only one such organiatio and as such, if you see their name on the site you access, you have no doubt that you are in the right place. This helps prevent phishing from fake sites posing as the legit sites as all these sites cant have a Green Bar SSL baring the same name.

Most Secure SSL Certificates

Most Secure SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate are designed to create truest between a website owner and a website visitor through a credible third party called certification authority – who is supposed to issue SSL certificate after performing due diligence and validation.

Most secure SSL certificates are from the most compliant certification authority.

Previously Symantec was the outright most secure ssl certificate issuer, however following two confrontation with Google on procedures and issuance of SSL certificate without following the industry standards and regulations – Symantec has lost some level of trust.

Currently most secure SSL certificates could be


Largest SSL Certification Authority. Reputed for following due process while issuing SSL certificate. Based in United States, founded in England.


Owned by an group of top banks in the world including Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, ABN AMRO, among others. With exposure to financial systems and risks, IdenTrust is trusted by their customers to provide most secure SSL certificates for the banking websites and applications.


DigiCert is a US based Certification authority formed in 2003.

DigiCert has one of the best record of issuing most secure SSL certificate.

Digicert basically provides organization validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV)  SSL certificates. It doesn’t offer domain validated SSL certificates.

In 2017 DigiCert acquired Symantec public Key infrastructure, TLS /SSL business including Certification Authority SSL brands RapidSSL, Thawte, Verign and GeoTrust.


Godaddy provides SSL Certficates to more than 7 percent of market. It has been following due process while issuing the SSL certificate and therefore it has one of the most secure SSL certificates.


GlobalSign is a Certification Authority founded in Belgium in 1996, which provides a wide variety of identification services. With time Globalsign has complied with set out industry standards and therefore issues secure SSL certificates. Globalsign is a subsidiary of a Japanese company.


A Poland based Certification Authority that has been issuing SSL certificates for a long period, it has a good history of compliance.


A Texas, US based cyber Security Company that provides identity management, digital signatures, SSL certificates, fraud detection technology and mobile authentication.

It has a good track record of compliance to industry standards and regulations – therefore secure SSL certificates


US based company. It is the second largest Certification Authority that has been affected by controversy on compliance in the recent past.

Let’s Encrypt

A new SSL Certification Authority that has great potential and new approach of issuing domain validated SSL certificate.

Best price for SSL Certificates

Best price for SSL Certificates

Best prices for all SSL certificate are on high volume SSL certificate retailers.

The more SSL certificate you move the lower the price from the SSL certificate issuer. Truehost Cloud is one of the main SSL certificate supplier or retailer in Africa. Having successfully moved large volumes of SSL certificate, Truehost cloud has a platinum account with all the main SSL certificate issuers.

As a result Truehost cloud has the best prices for SSL certificates in Africa. Having got the SSL certificate at the lowest price, Truehost cloud add a small margin to the cost to arrive at the SSL selling price.

Compare the prices and you will realize the best SSL certificate prices in Africa are on Truehost Cloud.

Prices at Truehost Cloud include Installation charges, no more charges you will incur after ordering an SSL from Truehost Cloud.

Instead you will amazed to have our SSL expert install the SSL on your website within an hour, try Truehost Cloud today for the best SSL certificate prices in Kenya, Nigeria and the entire Africa.

Why you need SSL Certificates for your website

Why you need SSL Certificates for your website

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer

SSL Certificate main function is identity verification, securing connection is a secondary functionality despite the fact that most users install SSL to provide secure connection via https.

Identity verification and secure connection sum up the widely known functionality of SSL – securing websites.

SSL certificates are issued by CA – Certification Authorities – which are global institutions mandated with providing third party verification on the identity and ownership of website through issuance of certificates. Therefore you need an SSL for your website for the following reasons

Create trust with your customers

SSL Certificate is the only assurance that customers can get that indeed they are using the right website and not a fraudster replicated site.

Deal with copycats websites that may steal your clients

Install an SSL certificates to deal with possible fraudster who replicate website and fraud unsuspecting online customers. Consider the various types of SSL certificates including Extended Validation (EV) for high level

Secure from Hackers

SSL certificates allow a professional third party to secure your website through frequent site scanning, preventing cross-site scripting and penetration attacks on your site. Install SSL certificate from Truehost for safeguarding from hackers.

Higher Google Ranking

Google SEO ranking algorithm favors secure sites and therefore sites with SSL rank higher in Google Search Engine Optimization results

Higher Credibility for your brand

SSL certificate is one of the most important component of a websites. A good number of buyers cannot buy from a website with no SSL. They cannot afford to risk their personal details – since they know websites with no SSL certificates are vulnerable.

Install SSL Certificate to your website to promote the credibility of your website.


SSL Certificates in Africa

SSL Certificates in Africa

Truehost is the number one SSL shop in Africa. We are experts of Domain and Website SSL certificates, Servers Certificates. Truehost Cloud works with a Certificate Authority (Companies authorized to issue digital certificate in the world) including:

Rank Issuer Usage Market share
1 Comodo 16.7% 38.4%
2 IdenTrust 13.9% 32.0%
3 Symantec 5.6% 12.9%
4 GoDaddy 3.3% 7.5%
5 GlobalSign 1.9% 4.5%
6 DigiCert 1.0% 2.2%
7 Certum 0.3% 0.7%
8 Entrust 0.2% 0.4%
9 Secom 0.1% 0.3%
10 Actalis 0.1% 0.3%
11 Trustwave 0.1% 0.2%
12 Let’s Encrypt 0.1% 0.2%
13 StartCom 0.1% 0.2%
14 WISeKey Group < 0.1% 0.1%

Truehost is a credited Reseller of All the TOP CA SSL Certificates in the African Region including COMODO, Symantec, Globalsign, DigiCert among others.

Comodo Group is the largest CA SSL provider organization in the World. Comodo was founded in Manchester, UK before relocating to the US.

IdenTrust is organization owned by a group of banks top 60 banks in the world including JP Morgan Chase, Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, after acquiring Digital Signature Trust

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar and as a CA and SSL certificate Reseller it has capacity to move large numbers of SSL certificates.

Symantec is an America Cyber Security group that provide SSL as a CA. Symantec has faced several controversy including failure to prevent hacking of New York Times. Recently crashed with Google over inappropriate issuance of SSL certificates through partners, among other activities that did not comply with industry standards. Google stated to have lost trust in Symantec and millions of Symantec SSL would become untrusted by Google chrome.

Order your SSL Certificate today at Truehost Cloud.

We have recently added  Let’s Encrypt in all our Cpanel to allow customers to install and configure domain names on their websites.

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya

Best SSL Certificates in Kenya are provided by Truehost Kenya. The best SSL certificates can only be gauged in terms of the buyer experience and cost of the SSL certificate. This is because all SSL Vendors sell the same SSL Certificates from same Certificate Authorities(CA). Truehost Kenya provides the best shopping experience for SSL in Kenya at the best prices among all SSL Vendors. CAs supported on Truehost Kenya Includes:

  • Comodo
  • Verisign
  • Synamatec
  • Godaddy
  • GeoTrust
  • Global Sign


With SSL certificate, log ins made on your pages are secure. The web browser will transmit the information securely to the server and the server back to the web browser. Thus, any computer in between eavesdropping will not get access to the information being transmitted as it will be encrypted.

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