EY Script documentation Software Inventory v4.0.8

As part of an EY software review, we use a small software tool (a tool) to obtain information about
installed software on one or more systems.
This document describes the detailed functionality of this tool and should be read before using the
tool in your computer environment.
The tool functions by querying systems for installed software and configuration information though
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows Remote Registry service, PowerShell
Commands and SQL queries.The tool does not scan the file system nor does it write anything on the remote systems. By default, the tool will not scan systems under heavy load, to prevent performance degradation of heavily utilized systems.
Data is only read from the remote systems, writing only takes place on the central system from which the tool is executed, and the data collected is less than 100KB per system, the total network traffic is ~1MB-4MB per scanned system on average. The main inventory script (EYInventoryScript.vbs) is written in Visual Basic Script. This language was chosen to provide maximum
compatibility with all versions of Windows operating systems. The script may call other PowerShell
scripts when VB Script is unable to query certain inventory and configuration information. To start
inventory collection, simply double click EYInventoryScript.vbs. A menu of scanning options is
presented to the user.
The script(s) are provided “as is”, and none of EY or any other party involved in the creation,
production or delivery of any script(s) makes any warranties, express or implied regarding same.
Notably we cannot guarantee the operation of any script(s) will be uninterrupted, error free or that it
will be compatible with any hardware or software used by you. Accordingly you are encouraged to
submit the script(s) and supporting documentation for review and approvals through your Change
Advisory Board, or similar, before operation in your production environment. If you have any
questions regarding the script(s) or supporting documentation please revert to your nominated EY

Download the full report in the link below:


Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya   


Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya    

Best Web Hosting Company in Kenya is Truehost Cloud Kenya. A Web Hosting Company in Kenya specializing in provision of fast, secure, reliable, high performance web hosting environment from  webhosting data centers in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, France, Germany, Canada and US. This Webhosting Company does not only stand out among Kenyan Web hosting companies, but Truehost Cloud Kenya have been ranked high among International Web Hosting Giants like

  • AWS,
  • Godaddy,
  • Hostgator,
  • and other major players in Web hosting domain.

Without forgetting superb support provided by web hosting support engineer at Truehost

Cloudpap File Backup System

Cloudpap File Backup System

Cloud Options

Cloudpap File Backup System you can back-up your data in the Cloud to Google DriveMicrosoft OneDriveDropboxBOXAmazon S3Microsoft Azure, Hubic, Hidrive and more than 37 Amazon S3 compatible cloud destinations and Cloudpap Servers. This way you benefit from the most powerful infrastructures for protecting online data, while using the backup program you’re used to.


Smart System

Cloudpap File Backup System employs a unique system that decides automatically what backup type to use in order to save the most file versions (within the same allotted storage space) on your destination and improve the backup speed. Using the smart backup option you optimize the backup process and reduce decision time as you don’t have to compare various backup types to choose what’s more suitable.

Backup and Restore Wizards

Cloudpap File Backup System was designed to be an easy-to-use backup program. It offers helpful wizards for backing up and restoring. The backup wizard lets you create a new backup job by selecting WhereWhatHow and When to backup. Restore is even easier; it takes just one click to restore data


Highly Configurable

Cloudpap File Backup System offers four backup types to choose from: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and mirror backup.  By default it uses a smart backup option to automatically choose which backup type to execute for optimizing backup speed and keep the most file versions possible without exceeding the allotted storage space.


SFTP Backup Software

Cloudpap File Backup System can back up to SFTP, a destination combining the security of remotely stored backups, with secure file transfer protocol. Your important data is transferred to the SFTP backup server using a secure network connection, to avoid the risk of data interception.

Email Notifications

You can configure Cloudpap File Backup System to send custom emails after a backup finished, with success, error and warning notifications. Additional options allow you to attach the backup log file and send the email to several addresses.

Mirror with Zip

The Mirror backup type creates by default an exact copy of files and folders selected as sources. This backup software gives you the option to compress files individually using standard ZIP compression. Furthermore, AES encryption can be used so that each file is encrypted and protected (the file/folder names are obfuscated in the zip archive).

Block-level Backup

Block-level backup speeds up the backup process of large files as it only back-up the modified blocks of data instead of the entire file. As an example, if you have a backup job for a large Outlook profile, whenever you receive a new email Cloudpap File Backup System knows to back-up only the bits of data that modified rather than the whole PST.

Version Tracking

Cloudpap File Backup System is backup software that offers a unique mode to track file versions. You can selectively restore any previous version of a file directly from the main window.

Standard Zip Compression

Cloudpap File Backup System creates standard zip files. This format is compatible with any zip utility currently available on the market. Unlike other backup programs, for zip files greater than 2 GB, Cloudpap File Backup System uses ZIP64 technology. This allows unlimited zip file size and also lets you encrypt your data using AES encryption (256-bits).

Backup open files

This Cloudpap file backup system uses the Volume Shadow Copy service. It allows you to back up open files (local) from NTFS partitions in Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2008 Server and Windows 7/8/10


FTP Backup Software

You can keep an online backup of your data to a remote location using FTP connection (with SSL, active/passive transfer modes, and firewall support).


Cloudpap File Backup System shows messages when certain actions occur (i.e. when finishing a backup). These notifications can be shown in a pop-up window or be silently saved in the Messages panel.

Automatic backups

Using Cloudpap File Backup System’s built-in scheduler you can define backup jobs that back up automatically your important files at specific dates. You can also set extra actions to perform before and/or after the backup execution.

Ransomware protection

WannaCry Ransomware is one of the most aggressive crypto-viruses as it will encrypt your data and you will not be able to access it unless a ransom is paid. Cloudpap File Backup System protects your data against WannaCry Ransomware (WannaCrypt) by backing it up online to Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or other popular remote destinations. Thus, even if your data gets encrypted by WannaCry or other ransomware viruses, you’ll still have uninfected copies stored online.

Settings security

Cloudpap File Backup System offers an option to lock its interface so that when it starts you will need to provide a password in order to unlock it and be able to make changes to its settings.

why host with truehost kenya, reliable web hosting , secure web hosting services

Why use Truehost Cloud Server – 100 times faster

Truehost Cloud Servers utilize Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Did you know HDDs take longer to access data, SSDs can be up to 100 times faster as data can be accessed instantaneously.

  • What separate Truehost Cloud from the rest?
  • Why you should transfer your Website & Email Hosting to Truehost

Super Technology – SSD Servers

Cloud Servers at Truehost are equipped with SSD Technology guaranteeing superb performance in data transfer. SSD disk space delivers quality over quantity.

Easy Server Set up

Server set up take up approximately 58 seconds. After 58 seconds, your server is ready for configurations and use.


Truehost innovations are geared towards customer satisfaction and full harnessing of hardware power.

Check out our API release for your applications.

24/07 Monitoring

Security team and technical support personnel keep an eye on your valuable data and business to ensure its safety. Research shows 24/07 monitoring has curb hacking threat by 70 percent

Dedicated Technical Team

We are online around the clock watching your business grow, providing the much needed technical and customer support in a timely manner. We answer queries and perform tasks at your request.

Growing Community

Truehost community of developers, bloggers, content writers and client i fast growing. Join us to create a better world in Cloud Computing

Free Stuff

30 days guaranteed backup and restore service is a vital free stuff.

100+ CMS and instant installer saves development time of developers and business owners by 50 percent

Quality Service Management

We hire only the best to administrate and manage the servers. There is no room for mistakes by Truehost Website Support Team, Email Support Team, Servers Support Team, Cloud Apps Support Team, Hosting Support Team, Domain Name Support Team.

best Web hosting in Kenya, SSD Webhosting in Kenya, Domain Hosting in Kenya

Why choose Truehost

There areas where we stand out; Performance, Security, Value for Money, Stability & Reliability in Web Hosting in Kenya, Domain Name Registration in Kenya, Cloud Servers & Cloud Computing

SSD Powered Servers plus PHP 7 support improves the speed of your website or application to up to 100X compared to ordinary web hosting services.

Businesses that need to host a shared database remotely are guaranteed excellent access speed unmatched in the market.

Combination of SSL certificates and malware guards form part of the security tools for your data.

IP Monitoring, banning, 24/07 server monitoring, controls and event alerts are some of security practices at your disposal.

Website and applications on Truehost Kenya enjoy same speed and access time globally irrespective of access location. This is down to excellent server distribution across the globe and therefore the website or application is served from the fastest available server.

Customer-centric support over phone, email, online chats complements our huge knowledge base, we are listening, talk to us your cloud company of choice.

Private Email Server in Kenya

private email server

private email server

What do you need from your email provider?

  • Security for your emails
  • Reliability – 100% server uptime
  • Zero Spams
  • No Email Bounching


Can achieve all this with your own unmanaged private email server

Manage your emails


Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

webservers in kenya

Web servers in Kenya

We feature a special VPS for a upcoming Web hosting company.

Openstack powered 4 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 100GB SSD storage is superior cloud server available from Germany, France and Canada Locations. The server can comfortably support 200 simple database driven websites. – Cloudpap 5

How to set up the cloud server to be a web hosting server.

Install Centos 7 OS

Install WHM/Cpanel

Install Softaculous

Configure the Mod security and tweak settings for maximum security.

Configure Easy Apache 4 for favorable configurations

Install and configure CSF Firewall – allow ports that your application will use but by default the firewall allows the common ports like SSH 22, 25 for SMTP, 53 for DNS, e.t.c

Set up custom nameservers and hostname if necessary.


Total monthly expenses $65.49

Install a billing system – can be freely provided at Truehost or Cloudpap or Hostgator




  • 4 Core Processor
  • 1 GHz Speed
  • 8 GB RAM RAM
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • Local RAID 10
  • Openstack KVM
  • Unlimited – 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 1 IP4 IP Address
  • Allow upto 15 extra IP Address
  • Anti-DDoS Pro Protection
  • RESTful API
  • 97% SLA




Data Centers in Kenya

Data Centers in Kenya


East Africa Data Center

Liquid Telecom owned data center, a neutral carrier Tier III, highly rated and acreditted by IDCA

Its far the best data center in the country with large global Tech companies and banks as their clients.

Offers Rack space and power option in the three floors of the four floor secure building along Mombasa road. Capacity is around 450 -500 racks.


data center

data center

Safaricom Thika

Recently completed data center run and operated by Safaricom. It did not have the Neutral Carrier status as at the time of writing this article though it’s something Safaricom was pursuing.

Located in the industrial town of Thika and served by fiber cable to Thika.

The data center best suited for large corporate and ISP companies.

Safaricom Kisumu

A data center located in the Western part of Kenya run and operated by Safaricom

Host Safaricom data and a few large corporate entities.

is a Kenyan tech startup building state-of-the-art carrier neutral data centers across East and Central Africa.
Mombasa One (MBA1) data center is icolo.io‘s first facility and the first carrier neutral data center in Kenya. The data center is a 226 racks facility that opened its doors for business in August 2017.
Nairobi One (NBO1) data center, icolo’io’s second data center is also a 226 racks facility schedule to open for operations by November 2018.

CloudPap Data Center (Ryanada Limited)

Artist impression of Cloudpap Data Center under construction in Nairobi.

Carrier Neutral Facility designed with a capacity of 300 Racks designed in Tier III standards. Designed to serve cloud companies through colocation services, cloud and dedicated server provision. Completion will introduce great service offering to clients in Kenya and Internationally.

Data Centers in Kenya

Data Centers in Kenya

Automated Web hosting Backup

Automated Web hosting Backup

cloud backup solution

cloud backup solution

Backup in web hosting is one of the most important service. Any serious web hosting service provider provide multiple web hosting back up option. At Truehost Cloud we found the need for redundant back up options after a series of misfortunes. Some of typical misfortunes include:

A client calls requesting rollback of changes that they have just effected on their websites – with no backup/ restore option, this would be hard to serve.

A client raise a support ticket requesting support after their website or data has been intruded and corrupted – how do you restore the data to a healthy point without a backup and restore option.

A web server just went down – a critical service like MYSQL , which takes longer than expected to fix – how do you move your customers to a another live server in absence of a backup restore solution.

Automated backup are usually scheduled and ran at offpeak hours to avoid server overload

Choose a web hosting company with automated backup options – ask for the backup restore provision

Some application for used by web hosting and cloud companies to perform backup include:


Jet Backup



Among others

Cloud providers in Kenya

Cloud providers in Kenya

data center

data center

Cloud providers in Kenya comprises of company offering services and resources on, for ,with cloud platforms. They include

IaaS providers

Paas Providers

SaaS Providers

IaaS Providers

Refer to companies in Kenya that provide computing infrastructure as a service. This include data center operators, network operators, Bare metal offering companies – servers and virtual servers providers. Some of them include:


Kenya based Cloud Company providing servers  and colocation  in 4 locations in Africa. (Four locations in Africa – Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo and Lagos), Two locations in Europe in France and Germany.Two locations in North America – Montreal , Canada. Phoenix , Arizona , USA.

One location in South America – Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One location in Asia – Bangalore, India.

Cloud servers and dedicated servers offered at Cloudpap range from single core to 16 core servers.

Cloudpap has one of the best cloud, IaaS services. Read more


A company owned by SEACOM , the marine cable company .

Pamoja Cloud provides cloud servers to small and medium businesses in Afric, with clientele in East and Southern Africa .Read More

Liquid Telecom

Pan African company from South Africa that serves several market in Kenya and runs a Marine Fiber cable between Africa, Europe and Asia.It runs a data center in Kenya – one of the best data centers in Kenya, East Africa Data Center. Read More


South Africa Telecommunication company serving many countries in Africa. It provides data center services in Kenya from their recently opened data center in Nairobi. Read the News


Kenya Telecommunication giant with data centers in Kenya. Provides internet connectivity to data centers and rack spaces in their data centers as far as IaaS services.  Find out more


Kenya based startup that has perfected service of offering cloud servers and Virtual Machines based in Kenya data center. Find out more

Read more about data centers in Kenya in the following directory


Truehost Cloud

Kenya Web Experts










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