Cheapest Domain Registration in Kenya

A Domain name is a name that uniquely identifies your website and make it easy for visitors visiting your site to reach you. To get a domain name, you have to register a domain with a domain registrar. A Domain name registrar is accredited by the Internet Corporation to assign names and numbers to manage domain names. Domain Registration and Web Hosting Company offers a variety of Internet uses to help you access your website by hosting your domain and assigning you a unique name.

 By evaluating the cost involved to buy, register and maintain a. domain name in Kenya and the cost of renewing the same domain name one year later, TrueHost ranks as the cheapest domain registrar in Kenya with,

  • . registered at Ksh.570 and renewed at Ksh.1000 with a free transfer,
  • .com registered at Ksh.1000 and renewed at Ksh.1000 with 1000 transfer fee.
  • .ke registered at Ksh.6000, renewed at Ksh.6000 with a free transfer and the
  •  .org registered at Ksh.1000, renewed at Ksh.1000 and transferred at Ksh.1000.

The total cost of owning a domain in Kenya for two years is 1570.

Advantages of registering your Domain with TrueHost

The amount of time your site is available for online is the company’s uptime. Everyone wants their website available for their web visitors. TrueHost servers are well maintained to maintain 99.95% uptime.

Good support is reachable and helps you solve any domain related problem to give you directions on how to handle each challenge. At TrueHost, we have developed a video knowledge base with video guidance to help you solve your problems and our support team is available 24/7/365 to help you out with your hosting related issues.

TrueHost Cloud API allows ease registration and management of 400+ domain extensions, providing best DNS management tools.

With any domain registered with TrueHost, hosting packages range from free 1 GB to unlimited space for only Ksh.7499 annually. Best seller is the Silver package with 10gb space, unlimited emails and unlimited domains at Ksh999. Gold and Platinum package include free SSL Certificate. The network of the web servers offers the most secure and reliable web hosting packages in Kenya. Visit to get your choice of package.

Domain transfer

Domain transfer at TrueHost is very friendly. To transfer your domain, you need to know whether the registrar will require additional payments to allow transfer and if you will have any refunds from the current registrar. You need to present an EPP code from the current registrar issuing permission for transfer and the credentials of your Cpanel.  TrueHost offers a free transfer of your .ke. For any expired .ke, the transfer is free of charge. You are issued an invoice to renew your domain yearly.

With many years of experience TrueHost offers the .ke domains at a cheap affordable price to enhance your identity in Kenya.

  1. . – for commercial companies and enterprise
  2. . – for academic institutions.
  3. . – for government institutions
  4. . – for non-profit institutions.
  5. . – for personal blogs.
  6. .ke – top level domain in Kenya.
  7. – for network level providers

Your Domain needs some additional services at some point which include SSL Certificates, SEO services and custom site builders. If you register with TrueHost you acquire them at a discounted amount with a Free SSL Certificate Lets Encrypt installed and a Comodo Certificate which is freely issued for a span of 90 days.

After registering a domain name, you can use it for various purposes. You can have a website with a desired name of your choice like, you can get email addresses at this Domain, and choose the email addresses you want.

At TrueHost we make registration of Domains, fast, simple and affordable. We offer reliable, affordable and secured shared web hosting services, email hosting, cloud hosting and SSL Certificates.

Visit for more information.

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