Cheap domain registration in Kenya

Cheap domain registration in Kenya

A common myth is that, the more expensive your domain is, the more likely you are to rank well and get traffic for your website. However, this cannot be further from the truth. You can get a cheap domain and still get your website to have traffic and rank highly in search engines. Truehost Cloud, best known for affordable pricing of services,  offers cheap domain registration in Kenya. The first crucial step for you to get your business online and make it thrive is to get the right information – at the right time. Here we’ll answer several questions about domains. Hopefully, we’ll have some facts about why cheap domain registration should not scare us into unnecessary spending.


Frequently asked questions about cheap domain registration in Kenya


  1. How can I find out if a domain name is available?

You can check a domain’s availability using whois search engines. These are simply search boxes designed to check a database called whois database for all domain information eg when it was registered, when it’s expiring, who owns it etc. If a domain is not in the whois database, it’s not registered and is thus available for registration. You can visit to check whether a domain you have in mind is available.


  1. Why are some domains cheaper than others?

Well, many factors influence the price of domains. But one major factor that determines the domain prices is the registry price. Truehost Cloud and other registrars must pay an amount of fee for each domain they register at central registries. Each registry specifies it’s prices for it’s domains. Eg Kenic specifies all .ke domain prices. As such, depending on the prices issued by central registries, registrars also set different prices for domains from different registries. Another reason is the demand for the domain extension. Low demand may result in high pricing for some domain extensions.


  1. Are cheap domains safe to use?

Although Truehost offers cheap domain registraion in Kenya, the domains we sell are completely safe to use. Consider for instance a 300ml bottle of soda. If you visit a restraunt, the soda will cost sh80 but from your local shop, the same soda will cost sh30. Does it mean the soda from the shop is in anyway less secure than from the restrant? Of course no. In the same way, Truehost offers very competitive prices compared to other registrars but they are exactly the same domains.


For security of your website, you could look into buying an SSL certificate for your domain. This increases your customers confidence and secures their transactions on your website. You can learn a lot more about our SSL certificates here.


  1. Which cheap domains can I register at Truehost Cloud?

Truehost Cloud offers a wide range of cheap domains. The most common domains internationally eg .com, .org, .net are offered at fixed price of sh1000 only. All local domains, I.e all .ke domains are also available at Truehost for sh1000 only. However we have discounted the registration of to be sh570, .info to be sh400 and .xyz to be sh250 only.


  1. What is there to know about domain renewal?

All domains need to be renewed annually. Of course you can renew a domain for more than an year so that you can skip renewal for the next year(s).  At Truehost, domains registered or renewed for more than 1 year usually attract a discount. Additionally, except for our three discounted domains mentined above, all our renewal prices are same as the registration prices. We do not increase the renewal prices of common domains from our standard sh1000 per year.



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