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.CO.KE Domain Names, Web Hosting in Kenya, VPS Servers in Kenya

Domain names and IP addresses Explained

The internet is a vast world, with many locations, resources, pages and connection paths. One of the major breakthrough that was required to have a working internet is a way to have an addressing system, and a way of standardizing so that the internet can function all over the world. This gave rise to use […]

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Online DNS management tools

Online DNS management tools There are several online tools that can be used to view DNS records. These are websites/commands designed to provide information on domain names. They can be useful in many scenarios e.g. when you want to check: if a domain name is available or not the hosting servers of a particular website […]

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SSL Certificate in Kenya

SSL Certificate in Kenya SSL – Secure Socket Layer certificate are available at a fee and free of charge SSL was the first cryptographic protocol for providing secure communication over internet, SSL was later succeeded by TLS (Transport Layer Security). Therefore even though the technology is referred to as SSL – in actual sense it […]

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.co.ke domain registration

.co.ke domain registration Are you running a business in Kenya? Are you looking to have your business online? .co.ke domain registration is on the rise in Kenya. Nothing says ‘Kenya’ more clearly than having a .ke domain. It gives your business a Kenyan taste and is the ideal domain extension to have for a Kenyan […]

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Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya

Kenic Domain Registrars in Kenya Kenic accredited domains name registrars as listed on Kenic Website as at March 2018. They are quite a number of them. Some of them include Telecommunication companies, local and international domain registrars, web hosting companies, media companies among others Licensed Registrars 1. Free Website www.freewebsite.co.ke Tel: 0780 190 000 Email: […]

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.Africa / dotAfrica

.Africa A premium top level domain extension run and managed by ZA Central Registry. The domain extension is intended for African Brands, Brands with African presence. The domain extension became available to the general public on 1st July 2017. This is after a lengthy unresolved dispute between DCA Trust and ICANN.  DCA Trust were the […]

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