How to get a custom and personalized email address

Custom email address mean a professional email address at your domain of your choice and most importantly your business domain name.

Custom email address format:

Where to get a custom email address

Get a custom email address at Truehost Cloud. Truehost Cloud provide professional email service to businesses.

The professional email includes a custom domain like and a simple email hosting package to hold emails sent and received to the custom email.

Alternatively buy a domain at Truehost Cloud, continue to order a webhosting package.

Every webhosting package allow creation of custom email addresses

How to get a custom email address

  • Login to you web hosting account at Truehost Cloud.
  • In the Cpanel look for the email links
  • Click the Email icon
  • Click add button
  • Fill in the email name and put a desired password and click Create button

You now have a custom email account.

In case you don’t have a web hosting account at Truehost Cloud already, order a domain and add a hosting account in 2 minutes.


Why get a custom email address

Give your business credibility – compared to free email accounts like or

Have a control on exact email account spelling – on free email services such as gmail, it is increasing hard to have your desired name in the part your email without appending additional unnecessary alphanumeric characters.


Custom and personalized domain can be simple in their form, easy to remember as well.


Members of an organization can get emails that are consistent e.g.


Get a desired name, that suits you – you can use your title like or


Everyone has a free email at, yahoo,live, be different by getting a special custom and personalized email address

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