How to suspend a webmail email account from login

How to suspend a webmail email account from login

Its simple – it can only be performed from the Cpanel

Login on the Cpanel

Under Email

Click on Email Accounts

cpanel emails

Go to the email account to suspend

Click on More button

On the drop down, click on the suspend login


Email Suspended Login

suspended incoming mail success

suspended incoming mail success

Suspended Login

Common misconceptions that Kenyans have about websites and domain names.

The common domain name extensions for Kenya which are provided by Truehost include,,
and .ke extensions. This means that if you are in Kenya, you need to secure your domain name as soon
as possible, as your unique name might be taken up by someone else. With this information, it is
expected that every person would try to grab their domain name as soon as possible, and every business
would get a website running to solidify their presence. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People are
reluctant to acquire domains, and Truehost cloud has identified a few misconceptions that people have
about domain names. Here we go:

1. Domain names are expensive
What is the cost of a domain? Surprisingly, most domains are cheaper than what people would
want to imagine. Truehost cloud charges just KES 1000 for almost all the major domains such as
.com, .org, .net, and only KES 570 for domain! This means that with just 570 shillings, you
can have your domain, and if you couple that with the free web hosting service that Truehost
offers, you will have your domain and emails set up and running at only 570 bob! Get a
website builder, and you have a website running within seconds.
Domain names are not expensive.

2. Setting up a domain name is too technically challenging
If you think that setting up a domain name is technically challenging, you are partly right. Partly
right because, a lot of complex operations are involved. However, you are also very wrong,
because you do not need to handle any of those complex parts; Truehost will do all of that for
you. All you have to do is to choose a domain name, and you are good to go.

3. My business is too small to have a website
If you think your business is too small to have a website, then there are two options. Its either
you lack ambition (ouch!), or you do not know. In an age where people are using Google to find
products that they need to buy, or using maps to find the next shop place where they can have
their shoes repaired, then the least you can do is to be found online. Investing as little as 570
bob into your business is not that expensive!

DNS records

DNS records define everything about a domain’s hosted services. Website accessibility and proper email functionality depends on the DNS records. Without the proper DNS record, the hosting service is disrupted in one way or another. DNS management allows you to make use of one server for emails and another separate one for websites. The following are the most common types of DNS records:

  • Address Mapping Record (A) – It is also known as Address Record. It converts domain names to corresponding IPv4 address
  • IPv6 address records (AAAA) – converts domain names to corresponding IPv6 address
  • Canonical Name (CNAME) – The CNAME record specifies a domain name that has to be queried in order to resolve the original DNS query. Therefore CNAME records are used for creating aliases of domain names. CNAME records are truly useful when we want to point our domain to an external domain. In other cases we can remove CNAME records and replace them with A records and even decrease performance overhead.
  • Mail Exchanger (MX) – it specifies mail exchange for a DNS domain name. The information is used by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to route emails to proper hosts. Typically, there are more than one mail exchange server for a DNS domain and each of them have set priority. MX records must point to a domain and not an IP.
  • Name servers (NS) – this specifies an authoritative name server for a given host
  • Reverse lookup pointer records (PTR)– this is used to lookup domain names based on IP addresses
  • Start of authority (SOA) – The record specifies core information about a DNS zone, including the primary name server, the email of the domain administrator, the domain serial number, and several timers relating to refreshing the zone.
  • Text record (TXT) –The text record can hold arbitrary non-formatted text string. Typically, the record is used by Sender Policy Framework (SPF) to prevent fake emails to appear to be sent by you. TXT is also used for DomainKeys, which verify that an email came from a trusted source.

These records can be viewed and edited from the cPanel Zone Editor or Advanced Zone Editor. In WHM, they can be edited by accessing WHM >> Home >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone.

Domain name registrations in Kenya

Domain name registrations in Kenya

There are 200 or about domain registrars and resellers in Kenya.

dThe huge number of players in the small industry has led to high competition which has further fueled cost cutting in domain name prices.

Players in the web and web services market barely make any money from both Generic domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .cloud

As well as country level domains .CO.KE, .NET, .OR.KE, .NE.KE, .AC.KE domains among others. Players make less than $5 dollars per a domain name registration.

A popular model among top domain registrar is running the domain name registration on subsidized prices to attract client for other services a model popularized by Godaddy.

Customers in Kenya are the real winners of domain name prices wars in Kenya.

At Truehost we seek to provide fair prices for domain name registration, domain name transfer and domain name renewal services.

Truehost Kenya offer more than 700 domain name extension – basically all the Africa – .CO.ZA, .ZA, .ET. .NG, .COM.NG, .BT, .RW, .CD,   .COM.GH, EDU.GH   among others.

Web hosting and domain registration in Nigeria are spear head by our sister company Truehost Nigeria.

Check out latest offers for domain name for the Kenyan Market    from the reliable and most trusted   and secure domain name KENIC and ICANN registrar in Kenya.

Most Reliable domain registration in Kenya, Nigeria, India

Most Reliable domain registration in Kenya, Nigeria, India
Domain name are unique name with a specified extension that uniquely identifies an entity. A domain name usually points to an ip address. An ip address can be used as a pointer for web server, email server, database server, and application server.
Domain name extensions are sold by registry. The largest registry sells .com extension. All registries are regulated by ICANN internationally.
ICANN also regulates country based registries that manage county level TLD. Country Level TLD include KENIC – A Kenya registry that manages 8 domain extension on the .KE domain extension in KENYA. – commercial entities in Kenya – network entities in Kenya non for profit organization in Kenya – personal blogging extension in Kenya – domain extension for information based websites in Kenya. – domain extension for government entities in Kenya – domain extension for higher learning in Kenya – domain extension for lower and middle school in Kenya
NIRA is the Nigerian registry that manages .NG extension in Nigeria. There 8 extensions managed by NIRA
Registry does not sell domain extensions to customers directly instead they register domain registrars. Such resellers include, hostgator, Godaddy, Truehost Cloud, Kenya Web, Whoghost, and Namesilo.
Reliable domain registration is only provided by reliable domain registrars. Domain registrar also provides tools and resources such as API to other entities to resell the domain names – domain of resellers.
Reliable domain registration in Kenya and Nigeria are provided by Truehost Cloud a company accredited by KENIC and NIRA. A company equipped with technology to allow easy domain registration, DNS management, Domain and Email forwarding.
Register your domain today at Truehost Cloud, in Kenya, Nigeria, and India.

How to set up mail signature on webmail on Truehost Kenya

set up mail signature on webmail:

  • Login to your webmail account using the email address and password you created on Cpanel
  • Select the most preferred email application, horde/round cube/ squirrel mail

For Horde:

  • Go to settings, select preferences, select global preferences
  • On the right hand side, click edit preferences and select Mail
  • Under general, select Personal information
  • Select the email address whose signature you want to add as the identity you want to change
  • Under signature fill in desired signature message or image.
  • Click save


For Round cube:

  • Go to settings on top right hand corner
  • Select identities
  • Double click on email address you want to add the signature to
  • Under signature fill in desired message or image
  • Click save


For squirrel Mail:

  • Click on options
  • Select personal information
  • Under signatures fill in desired message
  • Click submit
  • Under signature options, select use signature
  • Click submit


How to Configure Thunderbird Application with Your Webmail.

Thunderbird is a mail application like many applications e.g. MS outlook and you can configure it to be your default mail application.

Here are simple steps to setting up Mozilla thunderbird.

  1. Download the application from the website.
  2. Double click the downloaded application to install it.
  3. Once the installation is done, launch the application to start
  4. Once the application starts, it will prompt you to setup an account or continue with the existing account.
  5. If not prompted, click FILE and add an account to start the setup wizard.
  6. The first window will ask if you want to import from an existing account; select don’t import and click next.
  7. The new account window comes, select EMAIL ACCOUNT and click next.
  8. Fill the following information in the next window.

Your name: enter your preferred name

Your email address: the email address you are configuring eg yourname@yourdomain.

  1. On the server information, enter the following information and click next.

Select IMAP.

Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomainname(this is very specific)

Outgoing mail server:mail.yourdomainname(very specific also)

Nb: the incoming and outgoing mail servers bare the same name. e.g.s; where ryanada is the domainname.

  1. Enter the email address as your username
  2. Account name enter webmail and click next
  3. You’ll get a summary of all your settings
  4. Click finish
  5. Thunderbird will connect to your mail server and it prompt you a password, enter your email password.
  6. Enjoy

How to configure email filtering in cpanel


Open cpanel and open:

  1. Home -> email -> Global filters (global filters affect the cPanel account’s email addresses.)
  2. Home -> email -> email filters (User level filters affect specific email addresses on the cPanel account.)

The first set of options specifies which part of the email message the system examines to determine whether the message matches your filter parameters. After you select the portion of the email message that the system will examine, select the type of comparison between that portion of the email and the criteria that you enter.

Enter the criteria to use in the text box under the Rules menus. The type of data that you enter determines the comparison that the system performs.

For example, if you select the From and Equals filters, enter as the criteria. The system determines that any email from matches the filter, but does not match because it contains additional letters.



What is the difference between HTTP and https?

Before we can go into the jungle of what is the difference between these two synonymous acronyms, we need to first get an understanding of what they mean, stand for and relate to. HTTP refers to  HyperText Transfer Protocol.

I presume probably half of the readers have dozed off at this juncture. Maybe we should start by describing the Protocol in itself before we can go about explaining its sub-contents from herewith.

A protocol can be in layman terms as the guidelines or rules that computers are supposed to adhere to as they communicate with each other. Basically, it schedules and dictates processes like the beginning of a conversation, its basis of reply and the sequence of communication and finally the end of it.

HTTP is normally referred to as a stateless protocol because it has the ability and capacity to support various network configurations over a general network setup.

On the other hand, HTTPS which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is the most secure protocol that enables the facilitation of data transfer between browsers and websites whilst ensuring their security by applying some acute level of encryption on the data being sent.

Through this basis, the previous threats of password theft, email theft, and even credit card theft is largely quashed as the only ones privy to the sensitive details are the end users on both sides of the network.

This means that for communication to take place there has to be presence of certificates. The certificates assist in relaying secure and confidential checks to confirm to the end user that the data was successfully transferred with no determents and errors or intrusion.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the HTTPS is the most trusted and most reliable protocol for using and sharing web data over the internet.

Can i order email service or hosting service if i don’t need a website?

Sometimes you may ask yourself, can I order for email hosting or any other hosting service if I don’t have a website? The straight forward answer to your question is YES.

Email hosting gives you the power to acquire and own a personalized email account.

At , we have two email hosting packages suitable for individuals, startups and SMEs. SME Litebox and SME Valuebox both gives you the power you need. Place your order at

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