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Free SSL Installation in Kenya

Free SSL Installation in Kenya Installation and configuration of SSL – Secure Security Layer Certificate on a website or a server can be a challenging task for the first time. It’s the expectation of every SSL buyer that they can just buy and install in a wizard-like manner – the typical way of software installation. […]

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Does your website require users to submit confidential data, including personal information, passwords, or credit card details? If yes, you need to know what a SSL is. A matter of Cybersecurity Information you send on the Internet is passed from one computer to another, until it gets to the destination server. Any computer in between […]

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Most Secure SSL Certificates

Most Secure SSL Certificates SSL Certificate are designed to create truest between a website owner and a website visitor through a credible third party called certification authority – who is supposed to issue SSL certificate after performing due diligence and validation. Most secure SSL certificates are from the most compliant certification authority. Previously Symantec was […]

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Free SSL certificate in Kenya

Free SSL certificate in Kenya Free Credible SSL certificate in Kenya are only available at Truehost. While other web hosting companies provide Cpanel generated free SSL certificate at Truehost Cloud we issue a variety of credible free SSL certificate. Currently we offer the following free SSL certificates Comodo 90 days free SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt […]

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