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.CO.KE Domain Names, Web Hosting in Kenya, VPS Servers in Kenya

How to secure your Domain Name extensions in Kenya

Secure your domain from possible loss to fraudster. How do I secure? use private who.is records lock the domain name use private who.is record This feature is available from most domain registrars in Kenya; some at an extra fee and some for free. who.is privacy is available for almost all domain name extensions including  some […]

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Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya

Special VPS for Websites Hosting in Kenya We feature a special VPS for a upcoming Web hosting company. Openstack powered 4 core processor, 8 GB RAM and 100GB SSD storage is superior cloud server available from Germany, France and Canada Locations. The server can comfortably support 200 simple database driven websites. – Cloudpap 5 How […]

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Cloud hosting services in Kenya

Cloud hosting services in Kenya Cloud hosting the new terminology in town that everyone pretends to understand better those others. But what exactly is cloud hosting anyway. Digital Ocean one of the leaders in cloud hosting describes Cloud hosting as a new Flexible approach or method of configuring servers to ensure most affordable, scalable and […]

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Domain registration made simpler

Domain registration made simpler Domain reservation or registration process starts with the end customer or registrant making an order to a registrar or reseller of a registrar, who checks with the registry operator if that domain name is available. If it’s available, a WHOIS record with the registrant information  is created at the registry operator […]

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Reliable web hosting in Kenya.

Reliable web hosting in Kenya. Reliable = the following qualities in a Web Hosting Company Excellent Server Uptime. Every website deserves 100% uptime from the web hosting services provider. The minimum that a website owner should put up with is 99.5%. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and most important Google ranking are affected by website uptime. […]

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Domain name registration services in Kenya

Domain name registration services in Kenya Domain registration services in Kenya are provided by web hosting and telecommunication companies in Kenya. Kenya country Level code is .KE available on the following extension. .co.ke – for corporate domains .go.ke – for government agency domains .ne.ke – domain name for network devices or agencies. .me.ke – for […]

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Login to client area on truehost -click on my services and select the ssl you want to install. -Click generate certificate now button -Fill details as below -Select your webserver: CPANEL/WHM INPUT YOUR CSR a) To get CSR, login to your cpanel for the domain you are securing with ssl b) Create an email address […]

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Windows Hosting Services in Kenya

Windows Hosting Services in Kenya Windows hosting services are quickly becoming unpopular in the market. It rarer to find a windows hosting provider across the world today. Why..? 1. Windows technology is becoming unpopular due its complexity and slow rate of innovation 2. Windows developers are quickly dwindling. 3. Opensource web and scripting technologies such […]

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