Benefits of SSL Certificates in Kenya

Benefits of SSL Certificates in Kenya

Many people in Kenya have no idea on how the SSL certificates work; hence do not embrace the idea of having SSL certificates installed in their website.This article explains SSL certificates in Kenya and their benefits for your website.

SSL is the short form of Secure Socket Layer, which is an encryption protocol between a client web browser and the webserver.

Installation of SSL certificate to Kenyan websites  ensures that most of the Kenyans enjoy  security and privacy in web communication.

As truehost we ensure that at least most people have a SSL certificate installed in their website by offering SSL certificates at a friendly cost.

What we require from the clients is their website domain name, address in terms of location, city town to facilitate the easy installation of the SSL certificate. It is important to consider that this SSL certificates accrue renewal charges, which act more of subscription fee to having the SSL certificate activated.

The Working of SSL certificates

When a client accesses a website that has some SSL certificate installed, the web browser sends some communication to the web server to confirm the authenticity of the SSL certificate. In return the web server sends a copy of SSL certificate, which secures the given website that the user is accessing. The web browser further checks whether it trust the SSL certificate as received from the webserver and sends an acknowledgment message if it trusts the SSL certificate. When it does this, the web server sends a signed acknowledgement, which initiate SSL encryption and enhances communication between the web browser and the web server is secure.

What are the benefits of ssl certificates for your website

If you are asking yourself what is the importance of ssl certificates in Kenya for your website, then here is a  quick summary

  1. Encrypts your data
  2. Boost customer confidence
  3. Faster page load speeds
  4. Gives the professional look
  5. Boost Google SEO ranking


It is therefore, appropriate for every person in Kenya to consider having an active SSL certificate installed in their websites. Truehost provides this service in Kenya to make sure at least every website has a SSL certificate installed for secured communication.



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