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Choosing The Right SSL Certificate in Kenya

In today’s world, many established companies have an online presence. Building your brand and establishing the credibility you need to attract more customers is possible with an online presence. However, everyone connected to the internet is vulnerable to cybercriminals. On the internet, a new attack occurs every 39 seconds. Your most sensitive data is constantly …

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Web Hosting Companies Kenya

Web hosting is the service of internet hosting to make your website accessible in the internet, a website that has not been hosted cannot be accessed through the internet. Web hosting occurs once you have registered a domain name with a domain registrar approved by the KeNIC registry, the domain name acts as the address …

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SSL Certificates in Kenya

What is an SSL certificate? SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates are data files that create a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. When they are installed in a web server they activate the padlock and the https protocol and allow secure connection from a web server to a browser. An SSL certificate …

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TrueHost Nigeria

TrueHost Nigeria is the best and cheapest domain registration with secured web Hosting, VPS and dedicated servers located in Lagos Nigeria. The main services in TrueHost Nigeria include, cloud hosting services for Nigerian websites and applications, Domain Name Registration services, Free Web Hosting, email hosting and SSL Certificates. Cloud Web Hosting in Nigeria Web Hosting …

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How And Where To Purchase SSL Certificate In Kenya (2021)

Looking to purchase SSL certificate in Kenya? Welcome, learn everything you need to know now. An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of the website to guarantee visitors visiting your site that you are a secured site and encrypts the data that is been transmitted to allow conversation just between the …

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