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Meta tags optimization

Meta tags are coding statements that provide information about the content of a page. They are usually a snippet of text, usually less than 60 characters, which inform the search engines about the content of your page. It is the information that spiders look for so as to know what your resource on the web […]

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Cheapest Domain Name Registration

Truehost Cloud domain registration services offers the best domain name registration services. Domain registration, Who.is information management tools. DNS management tools Truehost Cloud Domain name registration and renew prices are the best in the market. See our pricing

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What is a domain?

What is a domain? Just as streets have addresses and mobile phones have phone numbers, websites need domains in order to be accessible. They are the virtual location where online information can be found. Thus, the first thing one needs to do is to get a domain name for their website. Remember; if you do […]

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Cheapest SSL certificates in Kenya

Cheapest SSL certificates in Kenya An SSL certificate is used to facilitate a secure session between a browser and a web server. It is as an important tool in any server that carries sensitive data, ensuring that maximum privacy is ensured. This helps to protect passwords, credit card information, and any other sensitive data that […]

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Best wordpress hosting in Kenya

Best wordpress hosting in Kenya WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world. It offers thousands of templates that are used to create websites, targeting the experienced and novice users alike.  WordPress helps to easily create your website, and once you have your site set, you need to get the best hosting service. […]

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