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How To Read WordPress Statistics Like A Pro

The big question would be if you know what you are looking for when handling WordPress statistics. Understanding your website data and knowing how to use it is very crucial in the general growth of your online presence and it can be used to show the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, a news release, or …

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30 Must-have Plugins for WordPress in 2023

What is a plugin? Plugins are small apps that can be installed directly into WordPress to improve existing features or add new ones, without the need to code. They are crucial for speeding up, securing, boosting SEO, and adding optional or essential features to your WordPress website. Hence, plugins are the building blocks of your …

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How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme For Your Site

WordPress powers many websites throughout the world. The main reason it is so well-liked is that there are thousands of distinct themes available.  If you are just starting, you might be asking what the heck a WordPress theme is. Well, a WordPress theme is a collection of images that controls your website’s general aesthetic.  You …

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Top 7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins In Kenya

A plugin is a piece of software that works as an add-on to a web browser to add functionality to it. WordPress plugins are specially built to allow the web browser to show additional content that was not originally designed to display. These plugins particularly boost the performance of your website in various ways and …

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting in Kenya?

In this article, you are going to learn more about managed WordPress hosting in Kenya. See, to create a website in Kenya, you typically need two things; One, a domain name. This is the address users will use to access your site. And two, a hosting account. Here is where all of your website’s files …

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