Cheap Domain Name Registration in Kenya

Cheap is relative, it is mostly based on past experience and expectation by the subject. This article tries to identify genuinely cheap domain registration process. It identifies qualities that need to be considered before settling on an option, being the fairest offer (Cheapest domain name registration Service).
5 key items to consider while qualifying an option as cheap.
Renewal Price
Domain renewal price should always be considered before settling on an option as a cheap alternative. Some domain name registrar’s sets a low initial price and a highly uncompetitive renewal price. Registrar like Godaddy sets the initial price as little as 1$ then recoup the entire discount in the renewal fee which at time is set at $14. Always ensure the domain renewal price is equally cheap. You may settle for registrar charging same price for domain name and its renewal like Truehost Kenya.
Support is rarely considered as a key price indicators by first time domain buyers. Some domain registrars do not offer support on domain registration especially the Telecommunication companies selling domain names. A customer is forced to incur additional costs when support issues arise. Make sure to settle for an option that guarantees support. At Truehost every product or service gets 24/07 support.
Cost of Associated Services
Be keen to look for any associated costs, some domain name registrar charge for additional services like dns management and email forwarding, others like Truehost Kenya offer these option as free add-ons. Ensure your option doesn’t have additional hidden charges.
Total domain ownership cost
Total domain ownership costs refer to the sum total of domain price, renewal fees and any additional costs summed up for a period of at least 5 years. This is the ultimate indicator to qualify an option as a cheap domain name service. Try to subject all the top domain name registrars in Kenya to these tests and hopefully you will settle on Truehost Kenya as the best domain registration service provider company.

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