Cheap Web Hosting in Kenya

Web hosting has become a basic requirement in the Kenyan business market space over the past years. I will delve into what to look out for and how to choose the BEST, Most Convenient, Value for Money and CHEAPEST types and forms of web hosting within the boundaries of the Republic of Kenya.

Price should not always be exaggerated when it comes to the web hosting sector. The same principle of when a deal seems too good also applies accordingly in this industry. I wouldn’t go near any company claiming to host me for less than 500/= on an annual basis. Cheap could actually be expensive.

That price is just beyond nuts. First of all, you are bound to have limitations on bandwidth, smaller hard disk space and more importantly, unreliable uptime.

Let’s face it, If potential clients can’t find you online because your website is unreachable, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Don’t forget the golden rule that a dissatisfied client has no business going back to your web address after the first disappointment.

I once had an experience with Truehost Kenya (, their prices were higher than the completion, (999/= as opposed to 600/=) I was just about to pull the trigger when by luck i read through the features on and at first the comparison didn’t make any sense since the features and pricing didn’t correlate. Truehost had the better features and offers whilst the competition had a wacky price tag but nothing to please the eye on the features list.

The act of balancing between cheapness and quality is usually under-mined, but it is often the root cause of disappointment. Clients are blinded by the price tag and will not see the low disk space being offered or a limited number of email addresses for your domain. These issues arise once you have settled in to your bargain and thereafter discover you have just boxed yourself into a corner.

Just as the above example, Truehost Kenya  were very efficient when it came to the setup and installation of my website. They offered to customize a drupal extension just so that my site could integrate with the web requirements. That’s what I call after sales service. They also hooked me up with an open source webmail access software application that made my forays into my correspondence a sweet and enjoyable ride.

Finally, you need to confirm that the web hosting company has the technical and financial muscle to support you year on out for the rest of your stay within their services. There’s no worse feeling like being told we don’t know what is wrong with your website. Especially if you have no clue about coding.

In conclusion, i would advice all you green website owners to always have an eye out for testimonials from other clients of the hosting company. Their feedback can effectively shape out where you stand either as a potential client or as a random dude just passing by, all in all we better brace ourselves because everyone is now joining the digital age…its only a matter of time before the machines overrun us humans.


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