Cheap webhosting in Kenya

Webhosting is an internet service that is provided by hosting companies to make your website accessible in the internet and to run always. Every business need to host their website online for them to create awareness of their products and services it is a tool that is required by every business to ensure that they make their business a success.

Why you should use web hosting services

Even individuals who own websites that they need people to access to they also need to host their website to make it accessible and visible online. Webhosting also ensures that your website is always running on the internet for people to see and view your products and services.

The use of the internet to find for services and products by customers has increased, people no longer ask a lot or walk to look where they could find a certain item; they just log in the internet and search for the products they want.

This is the reason why you should make sure that your website is hosted to be accessible by such people and potential customers. And the first step to getting web hosting is getting a domain name for your business so it can be hosted online.

Hosting your website enhances and increases e-commerce and this could increase the sales for your business.

It is the goal of every business, organization and individual to find the best and affordable services, to enable them host their websites in the internet.

Webhosting in Kenya has been made available and affordable for every individual by the hosting companies in Kenya. The webhosting services are very cheap and the services are simply the best offered by webhosting companies in Kenya some of which are: Truehost cloud Kenya, Sasa Host, Kenya Website Experts, Mambo Microsystems Limited and many more others in Kenya. You can visit each one of them and find out about their webhosting packages and their prices.

Truehost Cloud Kenya

Truehost cloud Kenya is the best provider of web hosting packages at very cheap prices, reason being it enables launch of businesses in minutes by providing free website builder for individuals and businesses that do not have websites to allow them to be able to design their own website. It does not leave you there it offers domain name at ksh.570 only for domain which is the common domain for many Kenyans, after registering your domain with Truehost cloud we offer you free SSL certificate to secure and protect your website from hackers and website crashers. Truehost cloud provides free web hosting to the website registered with a domain name from Truehost cloud.

Web hosting Packages offered:

For large websites that require large disk space and much more resources for the websites, Truehost cloud provides more improved packages at very cheap prices. The packages they offer include:

-Silver hosting at ksh.999 comes with a free SSL certificate, 1 hosted domain and unlimited bandwidth. Has 10GB disk space with unlimited subdomains, email accounts and databases. Gives you a 99.999% uptime.

-Gold hosting at ksh.2499 with a free SSL certificate, has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosted and has 30GB disk storage. Has unlimited subdomains, email accounts and databases. Gives you 99.999% uptime.

-Platinum hosting at ksh.7499 with a free SSL certificate, has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited disk space. The subdomains, email accounts and databases are all unlimited. Offers you a 99.999% uptime.

Reach us at and order your hosting right away at annual renewals.

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