Under which circumstances you need to block IP and how to block IP in the cpanel?

Blocking of IP in the cPanel commonly happens shared hosting servers and cPanel VPSs. It’s caused by the following;

  1. cPanel server being used to host large corporate mail accounts or multiple websites with constant updates.
  2. While using shared servers, it’s normally caused by incorrect logins or over-zealous web application firewall settings.
  • A website update is interpreted as a hack attempt by the web application firewall(Mod-security)
  1. Web owner failed to successfully authenticate in a mail, web, FTP or cPanel services interface multiple times leading the firewall to think it’s a brute force attempt
  2. Web owner’s mail client has a very low ‘mail check interval’, causing a denial of service attack like behavior, especially if many users are accessing mail through a common connection.

The following are steps on how to block IP;

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Click “Site Management” select IP Deny Manager
  • Click “Add an IP Deny” Enter IP address that you would wish to block
  1. Click “Add” and that IP address will not be able to access website again.

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