Cloud hosting services in Kenya

Cloud hosting services in Kenya

Cloud hosting the new terminology in town that everyone pretends to understand better those others. But what exactly is cloud hosting anyway.

Digital Ocean one of the leaders in cloud hosting describes Cloud hosting as a new Flexible approach or method of configuring servers to ensure most affordable, scalable and reliable web infrastructure.

cloud hosting

cloud hosting

Qualities of cloud hosting

Flexible – can vary different type of resources depending on demand and application – Customizable

A cloud hosting platform allow configuration of computing resources to the interest of client, a client may opt for 2GB RAM , 1 Core Processor and 20GB Storage as per the demand of the application. It also allows reconfiguration of the resources in upgrade or downgrades any other later date.

Affordable – pay for what you use

Cloud hosting has flexible billing, services are billed per month or even hour and therefore customers pay for what they consume.

Scalable – can add resources on demand

Cloud hosting platforms allow upgrades and downgrade of resources anytime, seamlessly without any form of disruption of service.


Reliable – Redundant network and storage

To ensure reliability, cloud hosting is ran on a network of redundant servers to ensure highest uptime possible to the hosted applications.

Storage in cloud hosting is also redundantly managed through a series of backup and network storage resources; this ensures there are no risks of data loss.

cloud servers

cloud servers

Resources offered and billed separately include:

Compute – processing resources

Storage – Refer to the disk space resources.

Network – networking resources

Loan balancers – for balancing processing load.

Monitoring – monitoring resources.




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