Cloud providers in Kenya

Cloud providers in Kenya

data center

data center

Cloud providers in Kenya comprises of company offering services and resources on, for ,with cloud platforms. They include

IaaS providers

Paas Providers

SaaS Providers

IaaS Providers

Refer to companies in Kenya that provide computing infrastructure as a service. This include data center operators, network operators, Bare metal offering companies – servers and virtual servers providers. Some of them include:


Kenya based Cloud Company providing servers  and colocation  in 4 locations in Africa. (Four locations in Africa – Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo and Lagos), Two locations in Europe in France and Germany.Two locations in North America – Montreal , Canada. Phoenix , Arizona , USA.

One location in South America – Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One location in Asia – Bangalore, India.

Cloud servers and dedicated servers offered at Cloudpap range from single core to 16 core servers.

Cloudpap has one of the best cloud, IaaS services. Read more


A company owned by SEACOM , the marine cable company .

Pamoja Cloud provides cloud servers to small and medium businesses in Afric, with clientele in East and Southern Africa .Read More

Liquid Telecom

Pan African company from South Africa that serves several market in Kenya and runs a Marine Fiber cable between Africa, Europe and Asia.It runs a data center in Kenya – one of the best data centers in Kenya, East Africa Data Center. Read More


South Africa Telecommunication company serving many countries in Africa. It provides data center services in Kenya from their recently opened data center in Nairobi. Read the News


Kenya Telecommunication giant with data centers in Kenya. Provides internet connectivity to data centers and rack spaces in their data centers as far as IaaS services.  Find out more


Kenya based startup that has perfected service of offering cloud servers and Virtual Machines based in Kenya data center. Find out more

Read more about data centers in Kenya in the following directory


Truehost Cloud

Kenya Web Experts










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