.CO.KE Domain is better than .COM domain for a business in Kenya

.CO.KE is better than .COM

.CO.KE is a country code level domain for Kenya; it is used by commercial entities operating in Kenya. .COM is a global level domain name for commercial entities all over the world. The article seeks to explore the strengths of a .CO.KE over a .COM and to off course dispel myths about .CO.KE.

Myths about .CO.KE

.CO.KE is not accessible outside Kenya –FALSE

.CO.KE is accessible all over the world just like .COM or .NET. A customer from North America can search and access and buy from your .CO.KE just like a .COM.

.CO.KE is less credible – FALSE

A CO.KE is a credible domain that shows a credible business located in Kenya.

In any case .COM is more prone to be used by fraudulent persons than a .CO.KE

.CO.KE is a weaker brand – FALSE


The myth is unfounded since large brand have .CO.KE have continued to enjoy brand growth over the years. Safaricom.co.ke, truehost.co.ke, Sasahost.co.ke are some of these brands.

Why is .CO.KE superior for a business operating in Kenya?

Web visitors are sure and have confidence that the company has local presence by just looking at the domain name; these visitors will easily be converted to sales.

Search Engine results- search engine ranks a .CO.KE website ahead of its .COM version especially when displaying search results in Kenya.

Chances of finding a .CO.KE domain that match your brand name are higher than secure the .COM.

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