Common misconceptions that Kenyans have about websites and domain names.

The common domain name extensions for Kenya which are provided by Truehost include,,
and .ke extensions. This means that if you are in Kenya, you need to secure your domain name as soon
as possible, as your unique name might be taken up by someone else. With this information, it is
expected that every person would try to grab their domain name as soon as possible, and every business
would get a website running to solidify their presence. Unfortunately, that is not the case. People are
reluctant to acquire domains, and Truehost cloud has identified a few misconceptions that people have
about domain names. Here we go:

1. Domain names are expensive
What is the cost of a domain? Surprisingly, most domains are cheaper than what people would
want to imagine. Truehost cloud charges just KES 1000 for almost all the major domains such as
.com, .org, .net, and only KES 570 for domain! This means that with just 570 shillings, you
can have your domain, and if you couple that with the free web hosting service that Truehost
offers, you will have your domain and emails set up and running at only 570 bob! Get a
website builder, and you have a website running within seconds.
Domain names are not expensive.

2. Setting up a domain name is too technically challenging
If you think that setting up a domain name is technically challenging, you are partly right. Partly
right because, a lot of complex operations are involved. However, you are also very wrong,
because you do not need to handle any of those complex parts; Truehost will do all of that for
you. All you have to do is to choose a domain name, and you are good to go.

3. My business is too small to have a website
If you think your business is too small to have a website, then there are two options. Its either
you lack ambition (ouch!), or you do not know. In an age where people are using Google to find
products that they need to buy, or using maps to find the next shop place where they can have
their shoes repaired, then the least you can do is to be found online. Investing as little as 570
bob into your business is not that expensive!

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