How To Configure Emails On Your Iphone

Create the email accounts that you require as guided on link:

Having now the email address and password, let us configure your iPhone to access the emails

  • Go to the application email on your device and click it
  • Enter username as ”email address you want to access”
  • Enter password as ”email password that you put when creating the email on Cpanel”
  • Set your incoming and outgoing server names as:

Incoming server name: e.g  if your domain is write “”

outgoing server name:

  • Select settings icon
  • Choose the mail, contacts, calendars menu
  • Select ” add account”
  • Scroll and choose ‘other’
  • Select add mail account
  • Enter your name, your email address and the email password as desired
  • Click “next” button to continue
  • Then click “save” button


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