How to configure outlook with webmail in Truehost

It’s a simple process that will take just less than 5 minutes.

Step one.

Login to cpanel and create the desired email address eg yourname@your domainname.

Step two

On the start button search for the Microsoft outlook and click it.

Step three

On the main menu, click the file tab.

Step four

Click add account

Step five

There are two options to choose from, ie

-email account

-manual setup or additional server type

Choose the second option ie manual setup or additional server type.

Step six

Choose the 3rd option ie POP and IMAP.

Step seven

Click next and fill in the fields

Name: your name eg simon

Email address: enter the email your created in the yourname@domainname.

Incoming mail server: enter mail.yourdomainname

Outgoing mail server(smtp): enter mail.yourdomainname

Username: enter your full email as it appears in the cpanel eg yourname@domainname.

Password: enter your email password.

Check the remember checkbox

Step 8

On the same page,click more settings

Step 9

Click on the outgoing server and ensure the checkbox (my outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication is check

Step 10.

Then click advanced tab and confirm that

Incoming server (POP3)=110

Outgoing server (SMTP)=25

Nb: leave the rest as they are.

Step 11

Click ok and finish.

A test mail will be sent to confirm your email is up and running.


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