Creating an Ecommerce website using Magento

Truehost cloud Cpanel provides Magento  as a free Content Management Software (CMS).

Developing the website start with deploying of Magento CMS on your Truehost Cpanel Account.

There are two provisions of installing Magento on Cpanel

  1. Scripts – provides links for installing Magento

magento scripts                                                                                                                                    

2. Softacolous – A comprehensive collection of more than 4oo applications

Located under software in the Cpanel

Click on the Softaculous Apps Installer

It loads softaculous installation panel



There is a collection of 400 aplication available for deployment .

Go to the Ecommerce section on your left pane


Locate Magento as highlighted and click to start Magento installation

Add the configuration details requested after clicking install now


Fill all the required details.Remember to remove anything in the Directory option to avoid installing on a subdirectory and thus install on a root folder


After Clicking Install at the bottom of page – Magento will start to install

Here is the new created site that you can start editting to your preference

Login to the admin to manage the Orders


Admin area for all back office operation

Start selling online with a Magento Website at Truehost Cloud

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