What is a dedicated IP address

It’s a unique internet address to a computer within a network. Internet Protocol address plays that role of providing the unique identifier for the location of a server or a website within the network.

Difference between shared IP address and dedicated address

Dedicated IP address is a unique identifier or address that is utilized by a single computer, server or website in a particular network while shared IP address refer to an address or internet protocol identifier shared by several websites in a server on a particular network.

Importance of a dedicated IP address.

Easy access to the website.

When a website has a dedicated ip address, access to the website is much easier, the domain resolves directly to the IP address without a lot of work. In the case of shared ip address, whenever a website is accessed, the server has to perform some work to determine the location of website that the user has accessed through the IP address.

Better Email System

A website with a dedicated IP address has a better email system. In shared ip address set up, email system of all website sharing the ip address risk being blacklisted in the case one email of a website within the server is blacklisted for spamming

Business Identity

Dedicated IP address is a must have when running a web business like an ecommerce website. Visitors of an ecommerce website or a large service website expect two things: SSL certificate and Dedicated IP address. The two boost the confidence of the website visitors.

SNI Technology and SSL certificate

There usually difficulties when accessing a website with SSL certificate but with shared ip address. Users are usually warned about it being untrusted connection.

Browsers as well hardly support SNI technology over shared IP address. Party applications requirements

Third Party Applications

Some third party applications like firewall and software require a dedicated IP address to run

What is domain locking?

Domain Locking is a cheap security feature offered at Truehost. Domain Lock is also called Registrar Lock or Client Transfer Prohibited. Domain locking is geared towards prohibiting unauthorized changes on DNS information. DNS information includes registrar and administrative information, name servers e.t.c.

Truehost allow clients to lock domain from the client area portal.

To access domain lock go to the Domain Menu

Under Domain Menu go to my domains

For the particular domain (to lock) click manage domain – under the drop down

See — what would you like to do today?

Click — Change the registrar lock status for your domain

Click on Enable Registrar Lock to lock the domain


TrueHost payment methods

Truehost supports 3 major payment modes

  1. Lipa Na Mpesa
  2. PayPal
  3. Credit Cards

Lipa na Mpesa

Lipa na Mpesa payment mode on Truehost utilizes Till number (Buy Goods and Services).

The process of Checkout with Lipa na Mpesa is as follows:

Complete the order

Under Check out choose Lipa na Mpesa payment mode

On your phone

Go to SIM Services

Go to M-PESA

Click on Lipa na M-PESA

Click on Goods and Services

Under Enter till no

Enter 929230

Enter Amount


Click Ok to confirm.



Under Checkout (After filling personal information)

Select Paypal as the Payment mode

Click Complete Order

You will be redirected to Paypal website

Paypal website requires signing to your Paypal account to pay for the order at Truehost.

If your don’t have an account – click create account and use Credit or Debit Card to create a Paypal account.


Credit Cards

Under Checkout (After filling personal information)

Select Credit Cards as the Payment mode

Click Complete Order

Input debit/ credit card number

Input the card Number

Input the Card Expiry Month and Year as listed on your card

Input CSC code _ Card Security Code (also known as Card Verification Number, Card Verification Code (CVC).

CSC is a 3 digit code found the back of the card.

Click Submit or Check out to pay for the order.

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