Dedicated server

A dedicated server is a server that is dedicated to one user or client it is not shared anyone else. Dedicated servers are used for large websites and software application, and by hosting companies. These are certain platform that need more control of the server because of the traffic they experience and their operations which are critical and cannot afford to be disrupted by other sites running on the same server.

Dedicated servers allows you control the hardware or manage it, gives you control over the server storage and memory, helps you monitor the server at any time you like and access the server at any time you wish to.

However purchasing or leasing a dedicated server requires you to be ready for the cost that comes with it. Leasing it is costly; it requires you to have the needed technical knowledge to manage it because you have full control of the server; management and administration.

But the benefits that come with having a dedicated server usually out do the disadvantages, that is for an organization that really requires the dedicated server due to kind of operations that they carry out if they cannot allow them to share a server with other sites.

Benefits of dedicated servers

-Increases level of server security at any time

-Enhances reliability and uptime of the server

-Ensures better technical support in managing the servers

-Reduce the chances of downtime due to reduced traffics

-Enhances a conducive bandwidth and space for your website

-Ensures easy upgrade as the website grows and ensure that other businesses do not crash you.

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All the Truehost managed dedicated servers come with added features which include: Free centos 7 OS installation with root access; free firewalls and IP table configurations; Free WHM/Cpanel software installation; Security scripts installation; Apache web server; My SQL PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, PureFTP, 24/7 server monitoring; Optimal configurations.

Truehost cloud is the perfect provider for a dedicated server, visit us and lease your dedicated server with us and enjoy the benefits that come with it all.

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