Dedicated server

You must be curious to know what dedicated servers are, whether you need it and how it works. Dedicated server is exactly what it sounds like, it is a physical server that is for use by only one client (you own the whole web server) to host websites. This websites will be able to economize on memory and processor resources within the system.


How does Dedicated Server works?

With either way you want, self-managed or being managed by the company that host for you, dedicated server allows you to do much that you wish. This includes;

  • It allows you to manage or control Hardware.
  • Have control over the server storage or memory.
  • Monitor and manage the server at any time you like.


Advantages of using Dedicated Server

  • Increased level of server security at any time.
  • Reliability and uptime server.
  • Better technical support in managing servers.
  • Less chances of downtime due to high traffic.
  • Conducive bandwidth and space for your websites.
  • Easy upgrade at any time as the website grows.
  • No sharing of server does reducing risk of your website becoming slow or even being crashed by another business.

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