Domain Name DNS Management

Domain Name DNS Management

Domain Name DNS Management refer to other DNS tools that are available for manipulation by users. These are usually the advanced DNS options that are recommended for advanced users. Some of these tools include;

CNAME – ability to add a CNAME to a domain name (CNAME –it’s a short name for Canonical domain name. It’s usually referred to an alias of a domain name. It’s mostly used to map a subdomain like mail, mx, www to the domain hosting the content of that subdomain)

A record – ability to add A record to a domain name (A record – refer to the IP address of the hosting server)

MX record – ability to add or change MX record of a particular domain name. (MX record – refer to address (take the format of a domain name or subdomain)(of the email management server for that particular domain. Important when the email server is different from the web hosting server for a particular domain name.

TXT record – usually not available from client area. TXT record refer to text information provided by your domain name system for parties outside your domain name, TXT record usually stores hostname/zone and therefore it allow storage of additional information. The two major application of TXT record is domain name ownership verification and email security – prevent spamming.

Under email security  TXT record stores SPF (sender policy Framework) data that prevents anyone sending email and making it appear to have been sent from your domain. Using TXT record you can specify the only IPs that an email on your domain may be sent from, Concept was popularized by Google and Microsoft  other proponents include WIX, Cloudflare, Squarespace, Godaddy, WordPress, Benchmarkemail  among others.

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