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Sometimes when you need a website, you just need a website! You may not be concerned about the details therein, as they say, the devil is always in the details. But the moment you start ‘getting’ your website, many other things come up. You need to choose a domain name, get a hosting with sufficient bandwidth, storage and latency, have cPanel, installed, use Content Management system such as WordPress, Joomla or others, set up email forwarders and IMAP clients, and many other technical terms. All these details may confuse, and here we are going to explain them in the simplest terms possible.



A website is a collection of pages in the worldwide web, including documents, information, media, graphics or even databases. These together constitute a website, and when you want to create a website, you are simply putting all this together in a way that someone can easily access it. To achieve this, there are several things that you will need to know, have or use:


Domain name

Domain refers to the address that will be used to access your website. You will need to register a domain name, and this is something that looks like www.mydomainname.com, or www.mydomain.co.ke. ‘My domain’ here refers to your name of choice, such as your business name, your brand name, or any name that you choose to use. For a list of all the available domain names, check Truehost Domains Page.

Web hosting

Web hosting, internet hosting, or simply hosting refers to the service that avails you some storage space, computing power, and necessary software, in a computer that is publicly accessible over the internet. This means that whatever you place an install there will be available over the internet, unlike a file in your home PC which cannot be accessed over the internet. This is called hosting, and Web hosting companies like Truehost Cloud offer you different web hosting plans, including shared hosting and virtual machines.



Storage refers to the hosting space that the hosting company avails to you, to use for your website. This is measured in bytes, and could range from MBs to several GBs or TBs. The choice of an appropriate storage depends on the size of your websites, and in most cases, 10 GB is good enough.



This is another magical term when it comes to web hosting. Once you have been given a web hosting space, you need to be assured that you have access to the space. This is more like an access road that will be used to access the web hosting space.

The access road can be defined either in terms of the number of lanes, or the number of vehicles that are allowed to pass per unit time. In web hosting terms, this means that the bandwidth would be limited to a dedicated connection speed of 1 Mbps, or to a monthly total data transfer of 100GB to and from your hosting space. Why such restrictions? Because, internet service providers charge for data transferred, and someone hosting videos will have a lot of data moving from their website, and they need to fairly pay for that traffic.



Do not make an assumption that there is an aPanel, bPanel, and then cPanel. But cPanel, is the software that manages your hosting space, allowing for installation of others tools, management of the hosting space, and creating and managing email addresses. You will login to your web hosting space by using the link www.mydomain.com/cpanel. cPanel is like the operating systems for your hosting space.


Content management System

Once you have your web hosting space, and access to it via cPanel, you need some software to help you manage the content that you will be uploading there. This is where CMS comes in, and there are many such software such as WordPress, Joomla, and many others. Truehost Cloud hosting space and cPanel allow installation of various open CMS, and it is up to you to choose the one you want.



Webmail is the web service that allows you to access your emails through your browser. Once you have your domain and hosting set up, you can access your webmail email service by using the link www.mydomain.co.ke/webmail.


Email Client

When accessing emails, there are several tools that are meant to help one do so. Such can be software like Microsoft Outlook, or any mail applications that are available for android and iOS. These are what we call email clients, and are useful as they help us have access to the emails even when we are offline. The technology behind how these operate is usually either POP3 or IMAP, and setting up any of these is easy, as these email clients can do that automatically, giving you access to your emails instantly.


Website builder

Building a website is never a walk in the park. There are lines of code to write, programming language to learn, and databases to integrate. But then, this is not the year 1999, where everything must be complicated. Welcome to the world of website builder, where anyone can design and develop their own website by simply dragging and dropping.

Truehost website builder allows one to drag objects across a page, order them in the best way possible, and publish the website online. It is like creating your own website using Microsoft Office. Simply click, drag and develop.


What are you waiting for? Get your website started now.


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