EY Script documentation Software Inventory v4.0.8

As part of an EY software review, we use a small software tool (a tool) to obtain information about installed software on one or more systems.
This document describes the detailed functionality of this tool and should be read before using the tool in your computer environment.
The tool functions by querying systems for installed software and configuration information though  Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows Remote Registry service, PowerShell Commands and SQL queries.The tool does not scan the file system nor does it write anything on the remote systems. By default, the tool will not scan systems under heavy load, to prevent performance degradation of heavily utilized systems.

Data is only read from the remote systems, writing only takes place on the central system from which the tool is executed, and the data collected is less than 100KB per system, the total network traffic is ~1MB-4MB per scanned system on average. The main inventory script (EYInventoryScript.vbs) is written in Visual Basic Script.

This language was chosen to provide maximum compatibility with all versions of Windows operating systems. The script may call other PowerShell scripts when VB Script is unable to query certain inventory and configuration information. To start inventory collection, simply double click EYInventoryScript.vbs. A menu of scanning options is presented to the user.

The script(s) are provided “as is”, and none of EY or any other party involved in the creation, production or delivery of any script(s) makes any warranties, express or implied regarding same.

Notably we cannot guarantee the operation of any script(s) will be uninterrupted, error free or that it will be compatible with any hardware or software used by you. Accordingly you are encouraged to submit the script(s) and supporting documentation for review and approvals through your Change Advisory Board, or similar, before operation in your production environment. If you have any
questions regarding the script(s) or supporting documentation please revert to your nominated EY contact.

Download the full report in the link below:


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