Free SEO Tools on Truehost.

These include important tools that allow users to perform Search Engine Optimization on their website with ease.

To get started;

 Log into your Cpanel > Proceed to > SEO and Marketing Tools > then SEO Tools:


Then Click on go on to my Account


Cpanel will then redirect you to Attracta’s Website

Choose the domain to perform the SEO for from the drop down and click > Go to SEO Tools




Create Sitemap


On clicking Sitemap, a sitemap for the selected site is selected and submitted to the major search engines as indicated with the green tick.

A sitemap is very important in Search Engine Optimizations.

Sitemap tells the search engine the navigation system of the website, how different links relates to one another.

Using a sitemap a search is able to index all the pages or URL within the website.

Blacklist Check

Allow checking if the website is blacklisted by Google for any particular reason as shown in the list below.


Building Links

Attracta helps out to build backlink with keywords to the site from the major search engines.

After Clicking on >Build Links fill the form below and click on >Submit Listing to Finalize


Finally Verify Submission

Click on Verify Submission will check through the data submitted and verify that the Search Engine has received the sitemap.


The site is now fully Search Engine Optimized

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