Free SSL Installation in Kenya

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Free SSL Installation in Kenya

Installation and configuration of SSL – Secure Security Layer Certificate on a website or a server can be a challenging task for the first time.

It’s the expectation of every SSL buyer that they can just buy and install in a wizard-like manner – the typical way of software installation.


The Good News

Free Let’s Encrypt Integrated Cpanel

You just need to click, next, next and finish in a wizard-like installation.

Let’s Encrypt – is this special SSL Certificate that you install from Truehost Cloud Cpanel in a Wizard-like manner.


Free Manual Installation by SSL Experts

This is available for other commercial SSL certificates like Comodo, DigiCert, Globalsign, and Symantec among others.

Truehost Kenya offers free SSL Certificates Installation for every SSL order within 24 hours.

Order your SSL today at Truehost Kenya to get free SSL installation from the finest SSL experts in Africa.

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