More Hosting Space for Less Cash in Kenya

It’s amazing how truehost Kenya has made web hosting in Kenya easy and cheap. As all of us can bear witness to us, all of us are looking for more disk space to either store company’s data or your personal data.

With the current trend of cloud computing where everyone want to store their information in a virtual space, this trend comes with advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is security which is a major concern to everyone.

However, with those threats surrounding cloud data, there are numerous advantages that comes with cloud data. Accessibility is one of them. Data is accessed from any place as long there is internet connection.

With all this considerations truehost Kenya, assures you that your cloud data is more that secure and secondly, we have increased this space with 100% for our hosting packages without any extra cost.

Silver package was 5GB now it’s 10GB @kshs 999/year

Gold package was 10GB now it’s 20GB @kshs 1999/year

This has made web hosting more cheap and quality at truehost Kenya. Make an order now and enjoy your web presence now.

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