How to renew my server hosting plan

Truehost cloud services management is very simple. When you sign up for a dedicated or server hosting plan, you should rest and continue to enjoy the fastest website speeds without delays.

The renewal periods for a server hosting is monthly and you don’t have to worry about your renewal dates.

Truehost Cloud sends reminders 7 days to you renewal dates. You also receive sms notifications and a call to remind you of your renewal date.

The following are the simple steps to renew your server at Truehost Cloud.

  • Upon login you see your client area dashboard as follows, click invoice

  • Click the unpaid invoice and it will take to the payment module as follows

  • Select the payment of payment that you want, Lipa na Mpesa, PayPal, debit or credit card or visa or MasterCard.
  • The steps to pay by each will appear upon selection.
  • Click pay now
  • Your server will be renewed immediately.

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