Kenyan .ke domain registration 2019

.ke is the country code top level domain for Kenya, whose registry is the Kenya Network Information Center (KeNIC). This is the top level domain for Kenya, and there are also other second level domains that can be used. These are:

  • – for Companies
  • – for Not-for-Profit-Making Organizations or NGO’s
  • – for Network Devices
  • – for Government Entities
  • – for Institutions of Higher Educations.
  • – for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning.
  • – for Personal names
  • – for Mobile content
  • – for Information

.ke domain registrars

There are over one hundred registrars for the .ke domains in Kenya, who act as the link between registrants and the registry KeNIC. The main registrars include Truehost Cloud, Safaricom Limited, Kenya websites experts, Sasa host, web host Kenya, Afriregister, EAC directory, among others. A full list of all .ke domain registrars in 2019 can be found HERE.

Some of the registrars and their prices for domain registration and renewal in 2019 are show in the table below.

Registrar registration price renewal price
Truehost Cloud 570 1,000
Kenya Website Experts 499 1,580
Safaricom Limited 1,300 1,300
EAC directory 999 1,999
Sasahost Limited 1,160 1,740
deepAfrica Co Ltd 862 1,336
Webhost Kenya Ltd 999 1,580

Choosing a .ke domain registrar

The choice of a .ke domain registrar, or where to register a .ke domain name is dependent on many factors. Currently, .ke domains follow the 3R method where there is a registry, registrars, and registrants. Consequently, one has to choose among the many registrars available. The factors to consider include:

1. Pricing of the .ke domains.

Almost all registrars have very similar price for the .ke domains, there is no need to pay extra amount for a standard service.

2. Registration period offered.

Some .ke registrars allow you to register for a period of more than one year.

3. Expiration grace period

KeNIC allows some grace period once the domain expires, and most registrars depend on the registry to put down an expired domain.

4. Ease of domain Transfer, and fees

Most registrars allow you to transfer your domain any time you want, and in most cases it is free. However, some charge for transfers.

5. Addon services

Check the addon services that your registrar offers fro free

6. Hidden fees

Avoid registrars who charge hidden fees on domains. This could include undisclosed costs such as taxes.

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