What is php.ini and what is its importance

PHP.INI is a special configuration file in PHP and its folks like SU PHP. Php.ini can be confused with an ordinary text file since it is a normal test file with an .ini extension.

Functionality/ Importance

Allocating special set of resources to a given directory irrespective of the server configurations

Guarding overexploitation of server resources by executing scripts

Show/Hide errors in the website/script

Security- restricts or grants access to certain directories

How to Create a Php.ini file

Go to the directory that settings within php.ini should affect e.g. /home/TrueHost (your username)/public_html/

If placed under the above directory, everything placed under public_html directory will be subject to the settings in the php.ini.

  • Create a text file and name it php.ini
  • Open the php.ini with a code editor or html editor
  • Write down the standard php.ini commands



If you wish to increase the maximum upload size of your script (website) from the default size of 2MB

  • Create a php.ini file within www
  • Input the following commands
  • upload_max_filesize = 10M
  • post_max_size = 10M
  • Save and close.

The website will be able to upload up to a maximum of 10MB

 Note a few settings cannot be changed in reseller and shared hosting


  • Enabling or disabling safe mode

Memory and upload sizes modification beyond the global server settings.

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